Coexist Coffee Co. – hidden rooftop cafe in an industrial building with 10% off its entire menu

by Natalie Lim

Sure, dine-ins are allowed again, but many of us do not see the point of eating out when only two people can eat together. Besides, places are overcrowded, and having to fight for seats just casts a wet blanket over any sort of plan. 

But if you’re seriously craving a cafe outing or a brunch date, we have a solution for you. Hidden on the rooftop of an industrial building is Coexist Coffee Co., a new cafe in Hillview to avoid crowds.

 Coexist Coffee Co.

Coexist coffee co 1
Photo: @coexistcoffee/instagram

Nestled on the eighth floor of Hillview Terrace, the newly opened Coexist Coffee Co. is a true hideout for the westies. The place used to be a canteen which serves the building’s tenants, but has since been refurbished to welcome this new baby.

A mysteriously narrow walkway leads to its entrance, and what you find inside will blow your mind.

Coexist coffee co 2
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

Most cafes that choose red and white for their interior design scream “Majulah Singapura”, even if unintentionally. But if anything, this dual-toned cafe looks chic and rustic — the stuff of Instagram dreams. 

Coexist coffee co 3
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

The cafe’s colours are split right down the middle and its clear window panes offer a tranquil scenery that can only be found in Hillview. Whether it’s a work appointment or a casual brunch date, you can choose between plush armchairs or minimalistic seats that’ll better serve your purpose.

Coexist coffee co 4
Photo: @coexistcoffee/instagram

But they’re not just another pretty face that serves your usual eggs n’ ben. Over at Coexist Coffee Co., they have a variety of fusion dishes, including Rendang Wagyu Beef Burger (S$22), Sambal Fish & Chips (S$20), and the Middle Eastern Chili Crab Shakshuka (S$16).

Photo: @venus_leigh/instagram

Filled with chunks of juicy crab meat, a power-packed chili crab sauce, and topped with a poached egg and mantou, the Chili Crab Shakshuka is one of the must-tries at the cafe. 

Photo: @itsadammiee/instagram

All-day breakfasts exist for the souls who can’t seem to catch the day’s break, and Coexist Coffee offers that novelty on their menu. Besides the Coexist Breakfast (S$22) and Breakfast Burrito (S$18), there’s also their signature Kaya French Toast (S$16), a local twist on the Singaporean staple. 

Photo: @coexistcoffee/instagram

A good cuppa joe comes fresh from the grinder, and this cafe creates the perfect pick-me-ups. The coffee beans are self-sourced and self-roasted and their blend is sweeter, mellower and coupled with floral notes for a more distinct taste. 

Options include Iced Hojicha (S$6.50), White Coffee (S$5) and even Kombucha (S$7) for the health-conscious. 

To entice you further, they are also having a promotion of 10% off their entire menu from now till 9 July. This applies to both dine-in and takeaways. If you like what you see, Coexist Coffee Co. will be worth a trip down.

Coexist Coffee Co.
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???? 48 Hillview Terrace, #08-00, Singapore 669269
????️ 9am–7pm (Daily)

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