LiHO TEA will be adding black truffle drinks to their menu on 9 July

by Natalie Lim

We’ve heard of truffle fries, truffle ramen and even truffle ice cream. The earthy and musky taste of these mushrooms goes well with any base but truffle bubble tea? That’s one for the books. Known for their everchanging seasonal drinks, LiHO TEA will be adding The Black Diamond – Black Truffle Series to its menu on 9 July.

Black Truffle Series from LiHO TEA

Truffles are known for their strong fragrance, and while they’re commonly found in savoury dishes, their nuttiness and subtly woody flavour might just work on desserts.

For the truffle lovers, these three new drinks from LiHO Tea may just become your favourite treat.

Marble Black Truffle Latte

Photo: LiHO TEA

The Marble Black Truffle Latte (S$5.50 for medium, S$6.50 for large, S$5.50 for hot) is a dark and mysterious drink for adventurous souls. Made with an aromatic truffle blend, the drink uses green tea as a base to complement the earthiness and muskiness of the truffle.

The result is a taste that is light and aromatic, making it easy to consume.

Fudgy Black Truffle Chocolate

LiHO TEA black truffle series 1
Photo: LiHO TEA

The new creation Fudgy Black Truffle Chocolate (S$6.50 for medium, S$7.50 for large, S$6.50 for hot) takes the words “chocolate truffles” to a literal meaning. The sweetness of the chocolate helps elevate the muskiness of the truffles, resulting in a drink with a nutty twist.

Topped with whipped cream and Lotus biscuit crumbs, this’ll be a sweet treat to complete any meal.

Velvety Black Truffle CheezHO Oolong

LiHO TEA black truffle series 2
Photo: LiHO TEA

Oolong tea is known for its naturally earthy taste, so when paired with truffles, the flavours combine to create a deep profile for a gourmet experience. Topped with cheese foam and Oreo crunch bits, this simple concoction would be perfect for a midday break.

The Velvety Black Truffle CheezHO Oolong will be available for S$5.50 for a medium-sized cup, S$6.50 for a large-sized cup and S$6.50 if served hot.

The new The Black Diamond – Black Truffle Series will be launching across all LiHOTEA outlets on 9 July, and will also be available on delivery platforms such as Grabfood and Foodpanda.

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