MangaWork is a new Japanese-themed workspace that lets you nap & work in peace

by Natalie Lim

Some of us are lucky enough to have a conducive space for our WFH needs while some others are probably on the verge of pulling their hair out. Whether it’s your parents coming in and out of your room every five minutes, or the neighbours doing some intensive renovations, there’s bound to be distractions when you’re stuck at home.

For those that are still required to WFH after Phase 2, consider heading to MangaWork instead. The new Japanese-themed workspace offers you an unmatched serenity, from only S$5/hour.

MangaWork at Farrer Park

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Photo: MangaWork/facebook

Opening on 28 June, MangaWork is located just two minutes away from Farrer Park MRT. The place holds four different types of private rooms, each helming vibes from an apartment you’d see in Tokyo. 

True to its name, MangaWork is also a haven for manga readers. There’s a shelf full of action-packed comics, with classics such as One Piece, Bakuman, Fullmetal Alchemist and more, all for their patrons to enjoy. 

Read manga, work, or take a nap

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Photo: MangaWork/facebook

If there’s work to be done, the Podder Room provides you with a conducive space. Equipped with a comfy desk chair, a complimentary tablet and headset, and a window view of the city, it’s like having your very own office.

Each MangaWork room comes with power sockets and high-speed internet as well, so there’s no need to pack power banks or make use of your mobile data.

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Photo: MangaWork/facebook

For the people that prefer having a more flexible workspace, the Thinker Room would be the next go-to. The sturdy office chair is traded for a plushy bean bag, so you can slouch or lie down for a power nap.

Photo: MangaWork/facebook

The Lounger Room will be perfect for those that need to catch up on sleep. Even if you’re back to working in the office, we’d imagine that this is a great escape for an afternoon nap.

Photo: MangaWork/facebook

There’s even a Napper Room available, with a lazy sofa that can be converted to a bed. Since the rooms are equipped with divider panels, you’ll be offered ample privacy and space.

MangoWork opens on 28 June, so their booking system is still in construction. But if you’d like to get first dibs on this new hot spot, visit their official opening and simply book a room directly from their concierge desk. 

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