ConfirmGood Recommends: 15 Useful Telegram Hack Useful For Your Daily Life

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1. Edit Your Messages

“Hey deer, how was your day?”

We know you actually meant “dear”. Typos gets on everyone’s nerves and can sometimes leave you in an embarrassing position. Fortunately, Telegram allows you to directly edit your texts, leaving no trace of the initial text.

To do so, just hold the message you want to edit until a context menu appears. From there, click on the “Edit” button and you’ll be able to change your text. After which, there will be an indicator showing the word “edited” that is visible to the receiver, but they won’t be able to view the original text.

2. Delete Sent Messages for Everyone

Unintentionally sent a wrong text?

We all have those days when we accidentally send a text in the wrong chat. Fret not! Telegram allows you to delete messages for everyone, leaving no trace that a message had been deleted.

To delete a message, simply hold the message you want to edit until a context menu appears. From there, click on the “Delete” button and then click on “Delete for everyone”. It’s that simple, and nobody will know.

3. Animated Stickers

Stickers just got a whole lot better
Source: Telegram

Many flooded over to Telegram after its introduction of stickers, and many messenger apps have adopted the concept ever since. Now, Telegram is taking it to the next level by introducing animated stickers. Messaging has never been this interactive and engaging!

4. Cloud Storage

Log in and out from any number of devices without losing any data

You don’t have to backup and restore your data. All your messages, media, files, and documents will be saved on Telegram’s cloud. You can log in and out as many times from multiple devices simultaneously, and all your data will still be readily available. This also means that you can download all your files from any device, anywhere and anytime.

5. Choose Who Can See Your Number

Uncomfortable with strangers viewing your contact number?

Telegram allows you to decide and customise whether or not you want to show your contact number to others. Just click on “Settings” > “Privacy and Security” > “Phone Number”. From there you can choose who can view your phone number.

You can choose to show your phone number to everybody or just those in your contacts, or you can also choose not to show your number to anybody. Telegram also allows you to include exceptions where you can choose specific users to hide your number from.

6. Usernames

Contact anybody on Telegram without having to exchange phone numbers

You no longer need to have someone’s phone number to reach them. Telegram has a username feature, where other users may add and contact you based on username alone. Telegram will also generate a unique link with your username that you can send to others, which will instantly open a chat room with you.

If you want to change your username, just click on “Settings” and click on your profile. From there, you will see an option to change your username.

7. Channels

Telegram is becoming an information hub

Channels are similar to groups but they can host an unlimited number of members. The owner of the channel can give permission for people to post in the channel, but other members can only view the posts. You can join channels simply by searching for the name of the channel or by keying in the username in the search bar under “Chats”.

There are currently a few beneficial channels in Singapore for telegram users to join. These channels provide quality updates on their respective sectors and are growing rapidly. You can check out GoodLobang, Singapore Part Time Jobs, and Good-2-Go.

8. Bots

A messaging platform with a convenient and entertaining twist

Telegram supports official third-party bots, which are dummy users created to carry out tasks on your behalf and improve your secure messaging experience. There are a variety of bots out there that offer a variety of functions, like regulating group chats and hosting in-group games, as well as bots that can send you reminders!

Bots are extremely easy to use – you just have to search for the username of the bot and click in. There will be a comprehensive set of instructions on how to operate the bot. You can check out bots like @SkeddyBot and @werewolfbot for a start.

9. Multiple Profile Pictures

Upload as many pictures as you want
Source: Telegram

Indecisive about which selfie looks best? We’ve got good news – Telegram allows users to upload multiple profile photos! The most recently uploaded profile picture will appear as the main one, but your contacts may simply swipe to see the rest. To upload or remove profile pictures, click on “Settings” and click on the display photo icon.

10. Secret Chats

Ever got caught planning a surprise party for a friend?

Imagine having a surprise party fail because your friend accidentally sees a notification, or important work information getting leaked from a business chat. Nowadays we all treasure privacy especially when it comes to messaging. You can use Telegram’s secret chat function which uses end-to-end encryption, and the information on the chat will not be recorded on Telegram’s servers. Furthermore, you can set a self-destruct timer and all the messages will be deleted when the timer hits, leaving no trace at all.

11. Last Seen Exceptions

Be selective about who gets to see when you were last online

Privacy is everything, but the freedom to customise your privacy settings is always appreciated. Thankfully, Telegram allows you to customise the users that get to see your “last seen” status. To customise your last seen settings, just click on “Settings” > “Privacy and Security” > “Last Seen & Online”. From there, you can choose who gets to see your timestamp and even specify exceptions to this setting.

12. Add Multiple Numbers and Switch Between Accounts

Separate work and personal accounts
Source: Telegram

It’s always a good idea to keep your work and personal messaging accounts separate. For this feature, you’ll need to have another mobile number as Telegram accounts have to be tagged to a phone number. To add another account, simply go to “Settings” and click on “Add Account”. You’ll be guided through a comprehensive setup process. Once the setup is completed, you can conveniently switch between up to three accounts at any point in time without losing any data from both accounts.

13. Customise Your Own Theme & Auto-Night Mode

Get creative! Design your own chat themes

Telegram allows you to change your themes to your own liking, from the chat background to the entire colour scheme. You can even create new themes and share them with other users. To customise your own theme, simply click on “Settings” > “Appearance”.

Telegram also has an auto-night mode feature where you can specifically decide whether you want to schedule your night mode functions, or automatically activate it when brightness falls below a certain level (which can be adjusted).

14. Schedule Messages

Schedule a message for birthdays & more!

Telegram now allows you to schedule messages to be sent in the future. All you have to do is hold the send button and choose what time to schedule the message. No more forgotten birthday messages – you’ll always be the first one to send it!

15. Chat Folders

Stay on top of the spam
Source: Telegram

Ever find yourself drowning in the flood of spam from chats and channels? Telegram’s latest feature allows users to create chat folders to help organise their chat list and improve the overall user experience.

The folder option will automatically become available in the app by long-pressing the ‘Chats’ tab, as long as your chat list is sufficiently lengthy. Alternatively, you can manually enable Chat Folders with this link.

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