This halal noodle store in Jurong East is giving out free prawn noodles throughout the month of Ramadan, no questions asked

by Marcus Leong

This Ramadan, Deanna’s Kitchen is going the extra mile to make this sacred month a little bit more special for the needy people in our community. They will be giving out free bowls of halal prawn noodles – no questions asked – exclusively at their Jurong East outlet. These guys make us believe that there is still some good in the world after all. 

Photo: Deanna’s Kitchen/facebook

Dubbed as their Ramadan Giveaway, the owners will be giving away a standard bowl of prawn noodles throughout the whole month of ramadan. Each serving comes with a generous amount of prawns, fish cake, vegetables and a flavourful soup broth. 

Photo: Deanna’s Kitchen/facebook

You can order the noodles for dine-in or takeaway, however for takeaway orders, there will be a S$0.30 takeaway charge. You can also bring your own containers to avoid the takeaway charge – plus it is more environmentally friendly. 

Photo: Deanna’s Kitchen/facebook

While this is one of those “no questions asked” kinda situation, you should still support the stall if you can afford to pay for your own noodles. There is also a limit of one free bowl per person – seems fair if you ask me.

Photo: Deanna’s Kitchen/facebook

This isn’t the first time the noodle shop is doing this act of kindness. Back in 2021, Deanna’s Kitchen also shared that they will be giving out five free bowls of prawn noodles a day until the end of the year despite having to close one of their outlets due to Covid-19. Kudos to them for giving back to the community even when times are tough!

Photo: @denisedeanna/instagram

To redeem a free bowl of prawn noodles, all you have to do is to approach the staff at the Jurong outlet and ask for the Ramadan giveaway. Alternatively, you can also flash them a picture of their Instagram post. Just like that, you’ll have a nice warm bowl of prawn noodles served to you. 

Photo: Deanna’s Kitchen/facebook

Do note that the noodles can be collected between 4pm and 8pm, starting from 22 March 2023 to 21 April 2023, available while stocks last. We all love freebies but let’s leave this one for those who really need it more than we do. If you’re looking to support them, the store also has other offerings on their menu that are worth checking out too. 

Know of someone who could use a free meal? 

Deanna’s Kitchen
Facebook | Instagram
???? 214 Jurong East Street 21, Padi Emas Coffeeshop
???? 10am–8pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
????️ From 22 Mar to 21 Apr

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