This massive dino park in Malaysia has over 100 life-sized replicas of dinosaurs, a ninja warrior obstacle course, kid-friendly safari playground & more

by Marcus Leong

How do you feel about taking a trip back in time to the prehistoric days when dinosaurs walked the earth? 

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Dino Desert is a dinosaur-themed attraction that has just opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you’re a fan of dinosaurs or Jurassic Park, you’re gonna wanna plan a trip down here ASAP. 

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The dinosaur park is located within Monkeys Canopy and it spans around 11 acresthat’s the size of around eight football fields — making it the largest dinosaur park in Southeast Asia

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Nestled among lush greenery, the park is also home to over 100 life-sized replicas of dinosaurs. That’s right, you can expect to come head-to-head with a giant T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus and more! 

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There’s even a Pteranodon guarding a nest of eggs, which makes for a great photo spot too. As you explore the park, you’ll also learn some fun facts about the dinos — kinda like going to the zoo. 

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But while the dinosaurs aren’t exactly real, these animatronic creatures will come alive and let out a roar or two as you walk past. Honestly, it really feels like walking through the actual Jurassic Park. 

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There’s even signs hung up along the way to “warn” you about these dangerous creatures. All I can say is, while some of them look really cute, they have an equally ferocious bite, so consider yourselves warned. 

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To experience the ultimate Jurassic Park experience, you should come by after the sunsets as the park transforms into a dark and thrilling dinosaur enclosure. The attraction also has an ‘Aurora Night’ experience with fluorescent lights illuminating certain areas of the park. 

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Apart from exploring the Dino Desert, Monkeys Canopy is also home to Conquer Indoor Extreme Park which houses a Ninja Warrior obstacle course as well as various high elements courses perfect for the adrenaline junkies. 

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If you’re planning to bring your little ones with you, there’s also a kid-friendly Escape Safari Playground for the young ones to climb, crawl, and slide their way through various obstacle courses. 

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I don’t know about you but I sure am excited to meet and greet the dinosaurs here. If you’re planning to visit, do note that you are advised to dress light and remember to slather on a ton of sunscreen as the park is mostly outdoors. Don’t forget to bring along tons of water too!

Tickets to the Dino Desert cost S$15.79 (RM55) for adults and S$12.92 (RM45) for kids. BRB while I make my holiday plans. 

Do you have a favourite dinosaur? 

Dino Desert 
Facebook | Instagram | Website 
📍 Lot 683, Monkeys Canopy, Jalan Persiaran Sg Long Hill, Sungai Long, 43200 Cheras, Selangor
🕑 10am–10pm (Daily)

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