UNIQLO Coffee opens in Kuala Lumpur with snacks and coffees like Americano, matcha latte & more from just S$2.27

by Marcus Leong

We are all very familiar with UNIQLO — especially guys and their favourite Airism tees. The brand has really grown to become a household name at this point. But, did you know that they now serve coffee too? 

Photo: @uniqlomyofficial/instagram

Well, UNIQLO Coffee isn’t in Singapore (not yet) but it is in Kuala Lumpur — still pretty close by. If you thought you spent a lot of time in UNIQLO, think again. 

UNIQLO Coffee is currently only available in Japan, Manila and now in KL, at the outlet in Fahrenheit88. The newly revamped store is now three-storeys large, and you can quite literally find everything you need here. I guess that’s why they added the little coffee corner in the store, to give you a caffeine boost while you shop. 

Photo: @uniqlomyofficial/instagram

The UNIQLO coffee kiosk is hidden in a corner of level one of the store so you will need to walk past several racks of clothes to get there. If you follow the smell of coffee beans (and don’t get distracted by the clothes), you should be able to locate it. 

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The menu is kept fairly simple with just four drinks — Americano (S$2.27, RM7.90), Latte (S$2.85, RM9.90), Matcha Latte (S$4.29, RM14.90) and Chocolate (S$4.29, RM14.90) — served either hot or cold. The coffee kiosk is fitted with a coffee machine so you can watch your coffee made right in front of you. 

Photo: @photosaurus/instagram

Apart from coffees, they also have a selection of snacks and cookies like Valrhona Double Chocolate, Pecan with Brown Butter, Matcha Black Sesame, and Minty Chocolate (I’m definitely getting this) — for just S$1.98 (RM6.90) each

Photo: @uniqlomyofficial/instagram

The prices are kept pretty affordable so you won’t do any real damage to your wallet — more money to spend on clothes! There’s also a little corner with seats for you to sit down and enjoy your drinks — forget the boyfriend bench guys, UNIQLO has a full cafe for you to wait for your significant other to finish shopping. 

Do you need to stock up on your favourite UNIQLO Airism Tee? Head down to this UNIQLO outlet and enjoy a cup of coffee while you shop! 

UNIQLO Fahrenheit 88
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? Bukit Bintang, GF – 2F, Fahrenheit88 Shopping Mall, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
???? 10am—10pm (Daily)

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