Fu Lu Shou serves up luxurious hotpot and mookata sets from just S$6.90 with pork belly, prawns, scallops and more

by Kylynn Seng

We’re no stranger to the concept of solo hotpot, especially since restaurants finally started offering single pot options. While introverts across the island (like myself) may have rejoiced, there’s just one issue — it’s not easy to come by solo hotpot sets below S$10. If you’re looking for a more economical option, Fu Lu Shou might just be the answer to all your prayers (and no, I’m not referring to the complex in Chinatown).

Fu Lu Shou
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Fu Lu Shou opened their first outlet in February 2023 at Epic Haus kopitiam in Toh Guan, and quickly opened a second outlet just a month later at Clementi. If that doesn’t attest to their popularity, I don’t know what will! 

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The first thing that you’ll probably notice is this S$6.90 hotpot set for one. Despite its affordability, the set comes with pork belly slices, an assortment of vegetables and mushrooms, and even black fungus. Seriously, what a steal! You’ll also get to pick your own soup base — think premium pork bone broth, mala (with customisable spice levels), and tomato broth

Fu Lu Shou
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Check out their S$6.90 chicken pots as well — these come in varying levels of heat from no spice to hot (da la). 

Of course, we can’t forget about this presentation either. Each dish comes in these fabulously opulent pots (it’s giving oriental) that are sure to elevate your dining experience, even if you’re eating in a kopitiam

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Looking to have a good meal with friends? You’ll also find Yuan Yang Hotpot sets for up to four people going for S$48, and include pork, prawns, and so much more. For just S$12 per person, I’d say it’s still pretty worth it.

Fu Lu Shou
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If you feel like having mookata, Fu Lu Shou’s got you covered as well — talk about a Jack of all trades! The Value Set for four will set you back only S$9 per person, and has a variety of marinated meats, seafood and vegetables. Feeling a little more bougie? Opt for the Premium Set (S$48/4pax) that has scallops and crayfish on top of everything else. 

Whether you’re dining solo or with friends, be sure to head to the west for a wholesome meal!

Fu Lu Shou
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???? Block 267A Toh Guan Road, Unit #01-01, Singapore 601267
???? 11am–10pm (Daily)

???? Block 443 Clementi Avenue 3, Unit #01-55, Singapore 120443
???? 11am–10pm (Daily)

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