There’s no need to head out when Grab’s Manyversary Sale delivers up to 50% off on food, groceries & essentials

by Evan Mua
Grab Anniversary Deals

Be it delivering feasts to your home or getting you to places on time, Grab has become an essential part of life in Singapore. In the blink of an eye, they are turning 9 and will be celebrating with a Grab Manyversary Sale from 16 June to 8 July on the Grab App. Expect up to 50% off and 1-for-1 deals on brands such as Popeyes and The Soup Spoon

You can find almost everything you need. Father’s Day feast on GrabFood? Check. Groceries to cook up a romantic dinner date? Check. Exclusive GrabPay deals? Check. 

With such an extensive promo list on Grab’s Manyversary Sale, we picked out some great deals and ideas that we think you can use to spice up your stay-home life.

Celebrate with a Father’s Day Popeyes feast from Grab’s Manyversary Sale

Grab Manyversary Sale Popeyes Singapore
50% off Sharing Platter (S$22, U.P. S$44) & 6 + 4 Bundle (S$18.90, U.P. S$37.80)

If your dad is a big fan of fried chicken, like mine is, then a Father’s Day feast with Louisiana’s finest fried chicken might just put a smile on dad’s face. Plus Father’s Day is 20 June, right before dining out returns so why not treat the fam to a celebratory home feast? 

While there are tons of food choices on discount, nothing says “partayyyy” like fried chicken from Popeyes with 50% off selected sharing bundles now. 

For a small lunch, the Sharing Platter is plenty. You get 5 pieces of their crispy chicken and a bunch of sides, including fries, biscuits, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and 2 drinks. But for the ultimate fried chicken galore, get the 6 + 4 Bundle for 6 pieces of fried chicken, 4 tenders, and 1 large mashed potatoes.

Reminisce those days of sharing huge mala bowls with your squad with Xing Le Mala Hotpot

Grab Manyversary Sale Xing Le Mala
50% off Buddy Bundle (S$19.95, U.P. S$39.90)

It’s been a month since you last saw your homies, so there’s no better way to reunite with your bestie than indulging in mouth-numbing mala and reminiscing the times you were drenched in sweat – we all know that those who order xiao la are weak. (Editor’s note: author is weak.) 

Xing Le Mala Hotpot, a popular mala franchise, is offering 50% off their Buddy Bundle for Grab’s Manyversary Sale. You can choose 2 ingredients from each of the meats, mushrooms, vegetables, beans and mains available. The bundle also includes a Spicy Chicken Cube (La Zi Ji) side to pair with your enoki mushroom-loaded maggi mee, so you can amp up the spice levels for a super sinful feast.

Make Netflix & chilling cooler with loads of ice cream from The Ice Cream Store

Grab Anniversary Sale Grabmart
30% off Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chilll’d (S$9.79, U.P. S$13.98)

For the lonely souls that are up at 2am, it’s common to get too engrossed while binge-watching our favourite series on Netflix. Sadly, this is also the time where we start to get peckish and crave for some sweet stuff.

This is when GrabMart’s convenience is best appreciated. Stock your fridge with 30% off Ben & Jerry’s from The Ice Cream Store on GrabMart. Grab that tub of Netflix & Chilll’d and pig out on that satisfying Peanut Butter richness while sitting through your 100th Friends rewatch.

Really, nothing beats binge-watching with ice cream, especially if you have someone over to share it with. Or, if you’re more of an ice cream stick kinda person, they also have Magnum Mini Matcha & Classic or Mini Ruby packs (S$11.90, U.P. S$8.33) at 30% off too!

Surprise your grandparents with A-One’s homely porridge

GrabFood Promos
1-for-1 Minced Meat Abalone Porridge (S$15, U.P. S$30)

It’s been a while since some of us saw our grandparents. To make up for the lack of company, treat them to A-One Claypot House’s 1-for-1 Minced Meat Abalone Porridge when you can finally visit. 

What better way to say you miss them than with porridge, like those good old weekend morning visits where you caught up over piping hot breakfast? 

Not only is it smooth and homely, it also comes loaded with “holiao” (good stuff), as my grandpa would say. With the pandemic going around, your grandparents will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness of this nourishing breakfast.

Get a WFH playset for your children from Motherswork

Grab Manyversary Sale Singapore
30% off Green Toys — Yellow Tugboat (S$15.33, U.P. S$21.90) 

Children are curious and full of energy, and there’s only so much TV that they can watch. So this would be a great time to spice up their playtime with some new toys to let you try to get as much work done as possible. 

Thankfully, Motherswork is offering up to 30% off the popular Green Toys line. You can find cute, eye-catchingly designed toys such as the Yellow Tugboat that’s sure to keep your kids entertained for hours as they go on adventures on the imaginary seas. 

Grab’s Manyversary Sale deals also include 30% off Elipse Suction Bowls (S$13.23, U.P. S$18.90), nifty tools that help prevent messes by keeping bowls fixed to tables. Whatever you get, you can help save any mother from plenty of headaches. 

Get a taste of Japan with umisushi’s cute bento boxes

Umisushi GrabFood
1-for-1 Tori Teriyaki Bento Boxes (S$12.30, U.P. S$24.60)

Many of us have been nursing some strong wanderlust pangs since travelling is off the table. We found the most effective remedy for this is to indulge in food that reminds us of our favourite holiday memories. 

For those missing Japan, umisushi’s 1-for-1 Tori Teriyaki Bento Boxes will transport us to the Land of the Rising Sun. Each set comes with 2 sleekly compartmentalised bento boxes and 2 refreshing drinks, a choice of Iced Green Tea or Cucumber Lemonade. 

Start with the nicely-glazed Teriyaki Chicken then work your way to the silky tofu and rice for a satisfying meal. A perfect throwback while we wait to finally dig into those bentos on the Shinkansen! Soon, we hope.

Order a quick affordable lunch with Bowl & Grill’s 1-for-1 Promo

grab manyversary sale
1-for-1 Chicken Happiness Bowls (S$7.20 for 2, U.P. S$14.40)

Working from home will continue for many of us even if dining out is returning. If you’re bored of eating the same boring cai png for a month, you can take advantage of Grab’s Manyversary Sale to have a nice lunch without breaking the bank. 

One of the fuss-free but delicious lunch options is Bowl & Grill’s Chicken Happiness Bowls. This customisable Western stall’s prices are already very pocket-friendly, but now, they even have a 1-for-1 deal on them! 

The deal lets you choose from either the Chicken Chop Bowl or Chicken Cutlet with Nacho Cheese. For the latter, it comes generously drenched in Nacho sauce and topped with an onsen egg — talk about treating yo’self.

Keep warm on rainy days with a hearty bowl of soup from The Soup Spoon

50% off their 2 Pax Soupervalue Bundle (S$29.90, U.P. S$59.80)

We’ve all suffered through the past month’s weather. One moment, it’s sweltering, then it starts raining cats and dogs. What better way to soldier through those rainy afternoons than with a hearty bowl of soup from The Soup Spoon

If soup alone isn’t enough to fill your tummy, The Soup Spoon is offering 50% off their 2 Pax Soupervalue Bundle. You get a choice of 2 large soups, a cake, a sandwich, a salad, 6 Quorn nuggets, as well as 2 drinks.

For days that are extra gloomy, chowing down on a bowl of their signature soup such as the flavourful Clam Chowder or thick, comforting Beef Goulash might just make you feel better.

Something for everyone at Grab’s Manyversary Sale 

Of course, these aren’t the only bargains you can find. The Grab Manyversary Sale is massive and will feature a wide array of merchants on both GrabFood and GrabMart, as well as promos on GrabPay. 

With so many options available, it’s worth exploring for yourself to dig out other great deals that might just be what you need — download the app if you haven’t already! 

Join in the celebrations for Grab’s Manyversary here 
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