Hakken at Plaza Singapura now has a Spy x Family collection for you to bring home your very own Anya Forger


There’s no debate that Spy x Family has taken Singapore (or even the world) by storm recently. Even if you haven’t actually watched the anime, you would have probably seen the characters on Netflix’s most-watched list or social media — most particularly a little girl with distinct pink hair and horn-like ‘ears’. 

This endearing little munchkin is Anya Forger — one of Spy x Family’s main characters, and also probably the most popular. 

spy x family hakken singapore
Photo: @wayne_ymh/instagram

Whether you’re a fan of the anime or just love all things adorable, you’ll be happy to know that Hakken at Plaza Singapura is now carrying a Spy x Family collection with lots of Anya Forger and other memorabilia (though they’re not all released yet!).

spy x family singapore hakken
Photo: @musesg_/instagram

The store has two main types of Spy x Family merchandise. The Anya Forger Plush Strap (S$15) that comes in three designs — one with Anya is dressed for an outing in her yellow cardigan and red collared dress, one dressed in her school uniform and one in her usual outfit with a quirky, flustered expression. 

anya forger hakken singapore spy x family
Photo: @itsandiniria/tiktok

The plush strap is small and dainty, which makes it perfect as a bag charm or just to add a little Anya cuteness to your office space or gaming set-up at home. 

anya forger hakken spy x family
Photo: @itsandiniria/tiktok

For something more cuddly, there’s also the Anya Mascot Nuigurumi Plush (S$35), which is essentially an Anya face cushion. This also comes in three designs — a happy smiley Anya, a mischievous ‘evil’ Anya and a frozen in shock ‘scared’ Anya. 

hakken spy x family
Photo: Hakken

If you’re still thirsting for more Spy x Family goodness, there’s also a variety of merchandise available for pre-order on Hakken’s website including figurines, plushies, more cushions, badges and so on. 

hakken spy x family
Photo: Hakken

It’s an Anya paradise and honestly, we’re not complaining. 

While you wait for part two of the Spy x Family to be released later this year, why not fill that space with some seriously awesome Anya merchandise? Wakuwaku

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