Hometown Mala Hotpot Mala Tang has fiery mala xiang guo & mala tang from just S$2.68 in Novena

by Christabel Tan

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and we’re craving all things hot and spicy.

If you’ve got nothing but comfort food on your mind, you can travel down to Novena for Japanese curry, tomahawk steak, Korean-Japanese rice bowls, and even mala at Hometown Mala Hotpot Mala Tang.

Hometown Mala Hotpot
Photo: @chiaksimi/instagram

Also known as Jia Xiang Hometown Mala Tang, the eatery in Velocity specialises in the two Sichuan dishes Singaporeans can never get enough of — mala hotpot (xiang guo) and mala tang.

Photos: @scrappyfoodie/instagram, @chiaksimi/instagram

The concept is pretty straightforward — take your pick from an extensive selection of fresh ingredients priced at a flat rate of S$2.68/100g (with a minimum order of S$10), let the staff know your preferred spice level, and simply wait for your food to be ready!

Take the time to concoct your very own customised dipping sauce at the sauce counter, which features the standard range of condiments you’d find at most Chinese hotpot restaurants. Sauces come with no additional charge, so go crazy loading up on sesame sauce, vinegar, coriander, and chilli padi — whatever your heart desires.

Hometown Mala Hotpot
Photo: @mejtime/instagram

There are three spice levels to choose from for mala xiang guo: More Spicy (小辣), Brutally Spicy (中辣), and Viciously Spicy (大辣). Regardless of how spicy you like your mala xiang guo, you can expect it to be fiery, flavourful, and numbing without being too oily.

Hometown Mala Hotpot
Photo: @mejtime/instagram

If you’re in the mood for a comforting (and addictive) bowl of piping hot mala tang, don’t underestimate the creamy and mildly tangy broth, for it certainly packs a punch (even if you order Mild Spicy or 小辣).

Photos: Hometown Mala Hotpot Mala Tang

Can’t handle the heat? The eatery also offers both non-spicy and less-spicy soup bases like Tom Yum, Pork Bone, Tomato, and Pickled Vegetable. I’m always happy to see tangy and sweet tomato broth — it is a must-have during the rainy season.

Hometown Mala Hotpot
Photo: @chiaksimi/instagram

We’re always happy to have more affordable, mouth-numbing mala options on our shores — let’s go spice things up!

Hometown Mala Hotpot Mala Tang 家乡麻辣香锅麻辣烫
Instagram | Website
???? 238 Thomson Road, #02-26/27 Velocity @ Novena, Singapore 307683
???? 10am–10pm (Daily)

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