Sip on chakra balancing tea, get S$5 oracle readings & gain inner peace at this Haji Lane cafe

by Christabel Tan

Remember the S$5 oracle reading pop-up along Haji Lane?

The folks behind Artii Spiritual Gift Shop are back at it with their latest concept — House of Oracles x Nirvana Dessert Cafe.

chakra balancing tea
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If you’ve always wanted to gain some much-needed guidance for your life’s challenges by simply sipping tea (literally), this is your sign to try Chakra Balancing Tea, a unique service that combines readings, meditation, and actual tea.

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The service is offered within the premises of Nirvana Dessert Cafe, with prices starting from around S$16.67 per person (for the most affordable package at S$33.30), but we recommend going for the S$44.40 package, which consist of the following:

  • Collective 1 Card Chakra Reading
  • Chakra Balancing Tea
  • Guided Meditation
  • 4 Card Oracle Reading

Each 30 minute session starts off with a card chakra reading, which will indicate the chakra(s) you need to work on.

chakra balancing tea
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For the uninitiated, chakras refer to the seven energy centers in the body that regulate the flow of energy or life, helping one feel balanced and healthy. Each chakra is associated with a specific colour, sound, element, and aspect of being — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Chakras can become imbalanced (or blocked) due to factors like stress and negative emotions, causing problems in your overall well-being. For instance, a blocked solar plexus chakra may cause feelings of low self-esteem and confidence.

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Chakra balancing is the process of bringing these energy centers back into harmony, through practices like yoga, meditation, or energy healing techniques. In this case, there are seven different pots of chakra balancing tea that correspond to each of the seven chakras, accompanied by a 20 minute guided meditation session.

Each thoughtfully curated tea blend is crafted to “revitalise your energy centers and promote inner harmony”, and each pot can be shared between a maximum of two people.

chakra balancing tea
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We were recommended to try the Heart Chakra Tea, an invigorating blend of pandan lemon mix, lemongrass, kiwi, mint, and rose petals, as well as the Sacral Chakra Tea, a heartwarming combination of sea buckthorn, cinnamon, star anise, orange and acacia honey.

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During the session, you’ll put on headphones and tune in to a guided meditation, which might make you feel comforted, at ease, or even relaxed enough to doze off — it really depends!

Afterwards, head outside for an oracle reading, during which you’ll (hopefully) get some great advice from the universe about love, life, and just about anything your heart desires.

chakra balancing tea
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You can also find services like Energy Healing and Chakra Yoga, available in other pricier packages, if you want the full works.

House of Oracles and its chakra balancing tea packages are a permanent fixture and will be offered throughout the day, but you are highly encouraged to drop by on a Tuesday, when Nirvana Dessert Cafe is closed for regular operations.

Bookings can be made here, but walk-ins are allowed (subject to space availability).

chakra balancing tea
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If you wanna keep things simple, you can still get oracle readings from S$5 for a one-card general reading. If one card isn’t enough, there are other more in-depth options that dive deeper into your subject of choice, be it your love life, career path, or even the Law of Attraction.

Feel free to drop the team a DM via Instagram for enquiries or bookings.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment? Come forth, but remember not to spill any tea!

House of Oracles x Nirvana Dessert Cafe
???? 37 Haji Ln, Singapore 189230
???? 12pm–9pm (Mon & Fri), 12pm–10pm (Tue to Thu, Sat & Sun)

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