Huber’s Butchery has fresh house-made produce & rare imported F&B products

by Vera

Sure, we all do our day-to-day grocery shopping at our neighbourhood NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Shiong, or Giant. But sometimes, you’re looking to switch things up. Produce such as the elusive guanciale for carbonara, hand-stuffed gourmet sausages, and even hard-to-find imported foodstuff from countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and other popular destinations can all be found here at Huber’s Butchery in Dempsey.

Hand-stuffed sausages & hand-cut ham

Photo: Huber’s Butchery

You’ll be hard-pressed to find hand-stuffed sausages here in Singapore, let alone such a wide selection of it. At Huber’s, their sausages are house-made and stuffed in a specially selected sheep’s casing in flavours such as truffle, Spanish style, and Thai style, amongst others.

Photo: Masaharu Matsubayashi/google images

If you’ve been missing a certain foodstuff brand having had them overseas, there’s a good chance you might find it here at Huber’s. Take the elusive Mövenpick yoghurt that hails from Switzerland for example — at S$1.40 a tub, you’ll get to enjoy thick, creamy goodness that was once only available in Europe.

There’s also the Hero brand Original Rosti (S$10.90) that can be cooked instantly once it hits the pan, so it saves you the trouble of grating your own potatoes one by one.

One of SG’s largest selection of international spirits

Photo: ST T/google images

It’s no exaggeration when I say that you’ll be overwhelmed with choices at the alcohol section downstairs because you’ll be greeted by rows and rows of wines, beers, and spirits arranged by country of origin. Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, there’s a spirit for every party need, including rare finds that you won’t be able to get from your local grocery store.

Freshly-cut meat over the counter

Photo: Huber’s Butchery

Once you descend downstairs, the butchery opens up to a whole other world, boasting a well-stocked meat counter that has anything ranging from fresh, marinated, and frozen meats for varying cooking methods. Those hosting a weekend barbecue might find themselves picking up some ready-made lamb skewers, or how about breaded chicken breast to switch up an otherwise mundane diet?

Huber’s Bistro


Unbeknownst to some, there’s actually a bistro connected to the grocer so that you can stop by for a schnitzel or two after your shopping. There’s also an outdoor play area for the little ones to tumble and expand their energy while you kick back with the cuppa you so deserve.

Huber’s Butchery
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