This underrated perfume store in Kampong Glam has unique & long lasting scents from S$12


Wearing a good scent has many benefits — it can leave a positive and lasting impression on the others around you, and it helps to boost your confidence as well. But looking for a scent that not only expresses your personality, but is also long lasting and affordable can be pretty tough. 

Good perfumes are usually on the pricier side, but it doesn’t always have to be (who says smelling and feeling good has to be a luxury?). Jamal Kazura Aromatics at Kampong Glam is a fragrance store that has been going viral on TikTok for their affordable, long lasting and unique perfumes, colognes, essential oils and more. 

jamal kazura aromatics singapore
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As you step into the store, you’ll be greeted by rows upon rows of gorgeous perfume bottles lining the shelves, as well as a huge selection of different scents. The place looks almost straight out of a fairytale — like something that you would see in the story of Aladdin. 

jamal kazura aromatics singapore
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If you’re an avid perfume user, then you probably understand the pains of having to re-apply your scent over and over again — and Singapore’s hot and humid weather doesn’t do the longevity of the fragrances any favours either. 

jamal kazura aromatics singapore
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Here, you’ll be able to get long lasting scents from as little as S$12, and they’re all formulated with natural ingredients and contain no alcohol — so you don’t have to worry about any pesky chemical fillers and burning your skin. 

jamal kazura aromatics singapore
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Other than the perfumes, the store also sells a variety of intricate and beautiful perfume bottles that’ll look great on your vanity from just S$18 — most of them are detailed with golden flakes and accents, and are inspired by Middle Eastern culture like magic lamps and the likes of it. 

jamal kazura aromatics singapore
Photo: @madooo_erika_madox

Ready to explore a whole new world of scents? Check out Jamal Kazura Aromatics! 

Jamal Kazura Aromatics
Facebook | Website
???? 728 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198696
???? 10am — 6pm (Mon to Fri), 10am — 2pm (Sat), closed on Sun

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