Kinder Bueno ice cream now available in Fairprice Finest supermarkets across Singapore

by Dawn Pillay
kinder bueno ice cream

As one of my favourite go-to (affordable and easily purchasable) chocolate treats, Kinder Bueno has been a household name in Singapore for a while now. It’s so popular, this classic chocolate was once sorta out of stock in Singapore during the circuit breaker period too – at least, I saw friends on IG stories talking about how they couldn’t find it and when I went down to my neighbourhood’s 7-11, it wasn’t available as well. 

kinder bueno ice cream
Photos: @jonb.lee/instagram

That being said, did you know that Kinder Bueno also has a Kinder Bueno ice cream? First released in Malaysia in 2020, it hasn’t been available in Singapore – at least till now.

And if you do a search on Carousell, there are even people re-selling the Kinder Bueno Ice Cream, just because it hasn’t been available in Singapore. (Sorry Carousell-ers, looks like you might not be able to continue selling this anymore since it’s finally here on our shores!)

Photo: @diebergsbauen/instagram

Available in Kinder Bueno (classic milk chocolate flavour), and Kinder Bueno White (white chocolate flavour), the ice cream comes in boxes of four cones and you can find it in Fairprice Finest supermarkets across Singapore going at S$13.95 per box!

Simply head over to your nearest Fairprice Finest to hunt it down, then bring it back home to enjoy a cone inspired by one of our favourite chocolate treats as you chill with YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ or whichever streaming site you’re on. 

kinder bueno ice cream
Photos: @izzy.icy/instagram

(We’ve spotted it at 111 Somerset and Waterway Point’s Fairprice Finest outlets, but they currently have low stocks, and restocks will come soon and be available at other outlets as well.)

So if you already know about Kinder Bueno ice cream and have been travelling across the causeway just to have it, or you’ve never known about it but would love to get your hands on it – there’s no need to join the causeway jams or hop onto Carousell to find a seller!

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