La Xiao Chuan is a unique camping-themed restaurant that stays open until 3AM with spicy skewers, juicy oysters & more tantalising bites


Camping in the woods might not be as common on our sunny island (unless you count outfields during NS), but that doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on the joy of being able to chat the night away while sitting among the tents and over some delicious, freshly barbecued treats and a couple of cold ones with our friends! 

Located at City Gate in the Bugis area, La Xiao Chuan is a unique restaurant that allows you to experience the fun of camping right in the heart of a bustling city. 

la xiao chuan
Photo: 林林拎不清/RED

As you step into the restaurant, you’ll see that it’s decked out in a bunch of TikTok and IG-worthy camping-themed decor including tents, fairy lights, standing oil lamps and more. Even the tables and chairs are on theme — with foldable camping chairs and tables (don’t worry, they’re sturdy!). 

Photo: Nui Nui/RED

And the restaurant doesn’t just look good, the food is pretty highly raved as well! The menu is quite substantial — with items ranging from skewers like chicken gizzard (S$3.80/3 sticks), pig skin (S$3.60/3 sticks), chicken wings (S$2.50/stick) to juicy and garlicky roasted oysters (S$18/3 pieces), roasted lobster tail (S$6/3 sticks), roasted pomfret (S$8) and more.

la xiao chuan
Photo: MOrain????今天没吃胖/RED

To emulate the camping and barbecue vibes even more, they even have tin foil dishes like tin foil potato (S$7), tin foil shrimp (S$7) and so on. 

Photo: MOrain????今天没吃胖/RED

For the fans of Chinese mukbangs, they also have sinfully indulgent braised seafood selections like lobster tail in sauce (S$15.80), braised crab legs (S$15.80), braised whelk (S$14.80) and the list just goes on. 

And here’s the best part — they open until 3AM daily (and apparently, sometimes they stay open even later!). 

la xiao chuan
Photo: Nui Nui/RED

Think you might’ve found your new favourite supper spot? Head on down to La Xiao Chuan at Bugis and try it for yourself! 

La Xiao Chuan 辣小串
???? 371 Beach Rd, #01-10 City Gate, Singapore 199597
???? 5.30pm–3am (Daily)

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