Seoul has a purple island paradise with purple bridges, lavender fields and more

by Trinity Sun

Spice up your social feeds with purple backdrops at Banwol Island, a purple-lover’s delight. From purple bridges to purple buses, the entire island is designed to give off an aesthetic feel

purple island
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To boost tourism, the South Jeolla Province made the decision to turn the Banwol and Bakji islands into a purple island, with its iconic purple bridge welcoming visitors into the island itself. Walk among fields of lavender as you soak in the atmosphere, or admire 30,000 New England asters scattered around the island.

purple island
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The Cheonsa Bridge is a must-see, connecting Banwol Island and Bakji island with an expanse of purple. BTS fans will also spot benches decorated with BTS member V’s iconic catchphrase, “I purple you.”

Bike rentals are available for the avid cyclists at S$5 (5000 won) an hour, and cycling up to get a bird’s eye view of the purple town from Mount Eoggae is definitely a must-see. The nature trail to Mount Eoggae gives visitors a glimpse of the island’s flora and fauna, and a look into the island’s historical monuments.

purple island
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What’s more, you can also pose with purple payphones, and make a call using the island’s super retro dial-up phones. Don’t forget to stop at Banwol Island coffee shop for a cuppa before continuing your sightseeing tour.

purple island
Photo Credit: Shinan County Office

The purple theme even extends to the island’s food, with its restaurant, Bakjido, serving up dishes on purple plates to tourists and locals alike. And for those who can’t get enough of the island, you can also stay in Bakji Village hotel from S$52 (50,000 won)

 food truck
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End off your day with a quick bite from a purple food truck while watching the sunset over the sea, and a picture with Cheonsa Bridge in the background. With so much to see, do, and eat at Purple Island, it’s definitely one for your travel bucket list.

Purple Island (Banwol and Bakji Islands)
???? Banwol Island, Banwol-ri, Anjwa-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

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