Slurp up authentic Japanese tonkotsu ramen with a side of Shiba Ibu macarons at this underrated ramen joint in the west

by Marcus Leong

When it comes to ramen, you wouldn’t expect to hear the words cute and ramen in the same sentence. Dubbing themselves as the “new top dog in town”, Ramen Shiba has more to offer besides its cute logo of a pouting Shiba Inu and adorable dog-themed macarons in unique flavours. 

Ramen Shiba
Photo: @madhanrui/instagram

Located in West Coast Plaza, the eatery has built a pretty solid fan base for its rich ramen broth and bowls plastered with cute shiba caricatures. The menu is pretty impressive for a humble neighbourhood ramen shop — it boasts an extensive variety of ramen for you to slurp up. 

Photo: Ramen Shiba/facebook

The folks at Ramen Shiba use a mix of pork bone, trotters, and neck when brewing the broth, which makes it milky and extra flavourful. The soup broth can also be elevated four ways – Signature, Original, Black Garlic, and Spicy. Depending on how salty you’re feeling that day, you can customise the level of saltiness too. 

Toppings-wise, you get to add a thick sheet of seaweed for S$1 or go all out and add all the toppings for just S$4 — this includes seaweed, chashu, and a hanjuku egg. You can also choose between thin noodles or normal noodles. 

Ramen Shiba
Photo: @ramenshibasg/instagram

The Original Tonkotsu Ramen (S$12.90) keeps things simple with a serving of chewy ramen noodles in rich pork bone broth alongside a generous slice of chashu and some black fungus. For something on the smokier side, the sweet and earthy Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen with Seaweed (S$14.90) will certainly hit all the right notes.

Photo: @madhanrui/instagram

If you prefer complex flavours, the Shiba Signature Butabara Ramen with Flavoured Egg (S$18.90) is a crowd favourite. It comes with a heap of stir-fried ginger pork belly which adds a hint of soy notes to the already flavourful broth – definitely a must-try when you visit. 

Ramen Shiba
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The Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen (S$14.90) is also wildly popular among spice lovers. The folks weren’t kidding about the amount of spice in this bowl as it really packs a punch – perfect if you’re looking for an added oomph in your ramen. 

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Apart from ramen, the eatery also serves some delicious donburi (Japanese rice bowls). The Mentaiko Salmon Grilled Don (S$14.90) and Gyu Don (S$12.90) come highly recommended – as they should because they’re combinations that can do no wrong. All dons come served with an onsen egg, with the option of adding on toppings like Marinated Japanese Bamboo Shoot (S$2), Spicy Minced Meat (S$3), or even Cheese (S$2)

Photo: @ramenshibasg/instagram

Pair your ramen with your favourite Japanese sides like Chicken Karaage (S$8.90), Pork Gyoza (from S$7.90), Pork Shogayaki (S$9.90), and Takoyaki (S$8.90).  

Ramen Shiba
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For desserts, you simply cannot pass on the too-cute-to-eat Shiba Inu macarons (S$15 for 4 pieces). If you thought these adorable cuties were just a marketing gimmick, think again. The macarons come in two unique flavours – Lotus Buttercream and Raspberry Ganache – which have been met with rave reviews online, so you know they’re really good. You can also order the Shiba macaron and Hokkaido yuzu ice cream set (S$4.90) for something a little more refreshing. 

Craving for some good ramen? Let Ramen Shiba take care of that for you!

Ramen Shiba
Facebook | Instagram | Website
????154 West Coast Rd, West Coast Plaza B1-09, Singapore 127371
???? 11am–10pm (Daily)

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