Get a taste of Japan with popular Shiroi Koibito Ice Cream Sandwiches at Don Don Donki

by Evan Mua
shiroi koibito don don donki

Miss those days when friends came back from Japan and showered you with goodies like Tokyo Banana and Shiroi Koibito? If you’re longing for a taste of Hokkaido, there is a Shiroi Koibito ice cream sandwich available in Singapore now.

If you somehow haven’t heard of the popular Japanese treat, the white chocolate snack is synonymous with Hokkaido for many Singaporeans.

The light, crispy biscuits and that addictive white chocolate filling — we can already taste it just from looking at it! An ice cream sandwich made out of Shiroi Koibito is the creation we never knew we wanted, until now.

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Who came up with the genius idea? It was a collaboration between manufacturer Ishiya and Japanese snack giants Morinaga in February.

The result was a limited-edition release of the ice cream sandwich and white chocolate drink. Want.

If the normal Shiroi Koibito wasn’t enough, the Ice Cream Sandwich version is basically a supersized version. You get two butter cookies and a generous filling of white chocolate ice cream. There are even some white chocolate chips to amp up the sinfulness.

shiroi koibito ice cream sandwich
Photo: @taroxtaco/instagram

When it was initially released in Japan on 1st February, it was supposedly said to be limited to Japan only. Why would they break our hearts like that?

Thankfully, our trusty neighbourhood Japanese goods peddler, Don Don Donki, took notice of Shiroi Koibito’s Ice Cream Sandwich and brought it to Singapore.

Go take a stroll at Don Don Donki and you can find one of these babies in one of the freezers in their ice cream section, going at S$4.90 a pop. A small price to pay to for that sweet sweet taste of Japan.

shiroi koibito white chocoalte drink
Photo: Shiroikoibito Ishiya/facebook

However, Don Don Donki didn’t seem to also bring in the Shiroi Koibito white chocolate drink which was released as part of the limited-edition collab.

Fingers crossed that someone will bring that into Singapore one day. But for now, the chilly treats are hopefully good enough to curb the insatiable craving of visiting Japan.

For now, if you want a sweet thirst quencher then check out the 1-for-1 promo on some of LiHO’s selected favourite drinks before they launch an entirely new menu in May.

Shiroi Koibito Ice Cream Sandwiches
???? Now available in Singapore at Don Don Donki

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