Just opened: Champion Bolo Bun is the new minimalist café drawing queues for authentic HK Bolo

by Evan Mua
champion bolo bun cafe

When you talk about Bolo Buns, we often think of bustling old-school Cha Chaan Tengs in Hong Kong. Champion Bolo Bun introduces a twist on the experience — Bolo buns in a dreamy minimalist cafe setting!

While their Tanjong Pagar shophouse space is all gorgeous, their concept is not only fluff either. The recipe behind Champion Bolo Bun was learnt from the owner’s actual experience working in Hong Kong teahouses.

She went overseas upon graduation and spent hours toiling in the hot kitchens of Hong Kong before coming back and perfecting her own creation. That’s dedication. If you’re missing Hong Kong, here’s a taste of it.

champion bolo bun tanjong pagar
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

While the word “instagrammable” is overused, Champion Bolo Bun brings it to the next level. Their shophouse space is 3 storeys tall and tastefully decorated with clean white walls, elegant Japanese-inspired furniture and gorgeous potted plants.

The first floor is used for takeaways and waiting and has a more relaxed atmosphere with eye-catching rattan chairs and counters. It almost feels a bit reminiscent of a resort, like a warm welcome to diners.

Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

Those upper floors are spacious and have a more minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic. It’s like a scene out of Pinterest — a perfect spot to chill out in the afternoons.

So what about the Bolo Buns at Champion? There are only 4 items on the menu, which makes it easier for ordering.

champion bolo bun cafe
Photo: Champion Bolo Bun/facebook

Giving you the most classic taste of Hong Kong is the Classic (S$4.50). Bolo fans’ eyes will be drawn to the golden-crusted top synonymous with Bolo Buns, which give a sweet, crunchy outer layer to the fluffy buns.

Each bun at Champion Bolo Bun is freshly made upon ordering to ensure the freshness and perfect texture.

You can even add more buttery richness onto the buns with a Classic with Butter ($5). Much more similar to our local toasts that usually come with generous portions of butter.

champion bolo bun new cafe
Photo: @cher.cooks/instagram

But for those that want to share, the Mini (4 for S$4.50) might be a better choice. A cute bundle of 4 smaller buns that can be torn apart for bite-sized snacking.

An interesting alternative to the traditional recipes here is the Curry Potato (S$6). It’s like a fusion of Bolo Buns and classic local curry bread — great for those who need a bit of spicy kick.

champion bolo bun tanjong pagar

But what’s Bolo Bun without tea? Get some of Champion Bolo Bun’s signature drinks to complete the Cha Chaan Teng experience.

Get some of the Champion’s Coffee (S$5.50), Champion’s Lemon Tea ($5.80) or Champion’s Milk Tea (S$5.50), made to taste like Hong Kong milk tea.

But if you want something more conventional café-style, they also serve drinks like American (S$5) and Latte (S$5.50).

Since we’re trapped in Singapore, this is one of the few ways to get a taste of authentic Hong Kong Bolo Buns. Like other hyped Hong Kong brands, there is a long queue for Champion Bolo Bun. But hey, it’s not every day you find a cool modern twist on Bolo Buns like this.

Champion Bolo Bun
Facebook | Instagram
???? 92 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088513
????️ 12pm–3pm (Tue–Sun)

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