10 Singapore Staycation Hacks For You To Get More Bang For Your Buck

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Although we won’t be able to hop on a plane anytime soon, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the remaining quarter of 2020. With more hotels reopening their doors and rolling out staycation deals, you may be tempted to jump on the bandwagon or risk experiencing serious FOMO.

Saving money doesn’t just end with snagging the deal. Whether you’re a budget-conscious Singaporean or high-baller, there’s no harm trying to save a few extra dollars. Here are 10 staycation hacks that you can put to good use for your next staycation booking!

1. Book your hotel room on cheaper days

Source: Villa Samadhi, Park Regis Singapore

Staycations are supposed to bless us with rest and relaxation, so there’s no point going on one if your hotel is going to be swarmed by screaming toddlers and noisy neighbours.

Depending on the day of the week and what kind of hotel you’re staying at, you’ll be able to enjoy both privacy and great savings! Book a hotel room at the CBD on a weekend, or a resort hotel during the middle of the week. This is because hotels located at business districts tend to lower their prices during the weekend while those at resort areas offer better deals on weekdays.

If you only have weekends to spare, book a stay from Saturday-Monday instead of Friday-Sunday. You’ll save more since Sunday nights are usually cheaper than Fridays.

2. Book a secret room

Source: Hotwire

Some of us don’t really mind which hotel we stay at as long as it’s a decent one. Give you and your loved one an element of surprise by booking a “secret room” for your staycation!

“Secret rooms” are rooms going at a reduced price because hotels don’t want them to be left empty. While you’ll be able to save as much as 50% off the original price, the only catch is that you won’t know which hotel you’re booking at.

Many hotels listed on “secret room” sites such as Hotwire and LastMinute.com are 5-starred such as Marina Bay Sands and The Fullerton Hotel. If you think Lady Luck is on your side, book a secret room now and see what happens!

3. Make use of your credit card promotions

Source: Citibank Singapore, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

If you love going on staycations and are considering getting a credit card, register for one that offers the best deals on hotel bookings. Many credit cards offer special hotel promotions such as cashback, discounts, and even complimentary nights! One example is the Citi Prestige Card that gives cardholders a free second night at the Fullerton Hotel and Marriott Tang Plaza.

Other credit cards from HSBC, Maybank, OCBC and UOB also give you an extra 7% off when you book a room on Agoda, so whip out your credit card and start planning your getaway now!

4. Sign up for hotel newsletters

Source: Amara Hotels

Almost nobody likes receiving spammy newsletters in their inbox, but some hotel newsletters are worth subscribing to. By signing up for a hotel’s newsletter or loyalty programme, you could be the first to be notified about a sale or exclusive coupon codes.

If you’re not the kind to wait for discounts, subscribe to Amara Singapore’s newsletter now to get an instant 10% off your stay!

5. Double check your hotel website for room availability

Room availability comparison between Agoda and YOTEL Singapore from 15-16 August
Source: Agoda, YOTEL Singapore

It may take days or even weeks to compare hotel prices on multiple websites before deciding on a hotel to stay at. Indecisiveness may cost us the room we’ve been eyeing once it’s sold out, but don’t worry – just head over to the hotel’s official website to see if there’s still availability.

When rooms are selling out fast, hotels tend to close the room’s availability on third-party sites so guests booking directly are able to secure a room. In fact, you can just skip the third-party sites and go straight to the hotel’s website, which leads us to our next point…

6. Book directly from the hotel for exclusive perks

Source: Angsana

When we think of booking a hotel room, an immediate thought would be to go directly to a booking site and snag the best deals available. One great tip would be to check out your chosen hotel’s official website first for any exclusive discounts that aren’t extended to third-party bookings. When you make direct bookings with a hotel, the staff also have greater ability to grant you perks or upgrade you to a better room.

Some hotels such as Angsana also have a “Best Price Guarantee” and promise to match whichever lower rate you find on another booking site. On top of that, they’ll even gift you additional room credits worth 10% of the room rate booked on their website.

7. Bid for the cheapest room on Priceline

Source: Priceline

If you have a budget for your staycation and hope to get the best deal with that amount, try listing your price on Priceline. Think of it as a bidding cum matchmaking service for hotels.

Once your bid is accepted, Priceline will match you with a rate closest to your bid. The app is great for budget-conscious people who also want to enjoy, and you can save up to 60% on your booking!

8. Mention your special occasion

Source: Hadley Park House

Your Instagram followers shouldn’t be the only ones being kept in the loop on your special days. If you’ve got a big day coming up such as a wedding anniversary or birthday, be sure to give it a lowkey mention when you check in at the hotel. Some hotels may be more than happy to offer you special perks or even a complimentary upgrade.

Of course this hack is meant to be taken with a pinch of salt, so don’t be too disappointed if your comment is simply returned with an enthusiastic “Congratulations!”.

9. Check your employee privileges

Source: The St. Regis Singapore, Marina Bay Sands

Some hotels offer exclusive corporate rates for those working in certain companies, so check with your HR department if you’re entitled to any special discounts. If you have friends or family working for established hotels such as St. Regis Singapore and Marina Bay Sands, it’s worth dropping some hints to see if they can offer you any “friends and family rates”!

If you’re a healthcare worker, you can enjoy 50% off stays at M Social Singapore and Orchard Hotel, or get a FREE stay at any Pan Pacific Group‘s hotel. So go ahead and get yourself a well-deserved break!

10. Purchase prepaid packages on discount apps

Source: Chope, Fave

Chope and Fave may not be the immediate go-to apps when you want to book a staycation, but little do most people know that these apps offer numerous prepaid packages and staycation vouchers

With any purchase of Chope’s Exclusive Dine + Stay Packages, you can enjoy additional perks such as late check-outs, complimentary wines and membership privileges. Some staycation vouchers on Fave are also open-dated so you can simply “buy now and think later” if you’re still undecided on a date.

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