This unique Starbucks outlet at Mandai makes you feel like you’re in an ethereal forest observatory


Picture this: it’s a crazy hot and sunny day out in Singapore, and you’re sitting in a comfy, fully air-conditioned space with huge windows, and there’s just the right amount of sunlight coming through thanks to the lush greenery surrounding the space. As you enjoy the ambience and indulge in your favourite beverage and maybe even some cake — I think many of us can agree that it sounds like the perfect recipe for a nice, relaxing afternoon. 

starbucks mandai river safari
Photo: @leelayna/instagram

If you’re wondering where you can find a place like this, then you probably haven’t heard of this unique Starbucks outlet located at Mandai (right beside River Safari). 

starbucks mandai river safari
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Just like the standalone Starbucks outlet located at Rochester Park, this particular outlet in Mandai also enjoys perfect tranquillity away from the usual hustle and bustle of our busy little island. But unlike the Rochester Park outlet with its old colonial-style and open windows, this Starbucks outlet takes on a more futuristic aesthetic with sleek decor and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. 

starbucks mandai river safari
Photo: @nomninjas/instagram

As you sip on your coffee or tea while chilling with your loved ones, you might even hear the kooky sounds of the animals from the wildlife reserve — which makes the entire experience even more magical and fantastical. It’s almost like you’re in an observatory in the middle of the forest! 

starbucks mandai river safari
Photo: @escfc11/instagram

On top of the serene ambience and pretty interior, you’ll also see adorable life-sized Starbucks bear mascots dressed in uniquely Singaporean costumes that show off our heritage — the beloved Merlion as well as Samsui Lady (the hardworking female immigrants that hailed from China before and during the World War). 

So, the next time you’re looking for a unique and quiet space to enjoy your cuppa, check out this special Starbucks outlet at Mandai! 

Starbucks River Safari at Mandai
???? 80 Mandai Lake Rd, River Wonders, Singapore 729826
???? 10am – 6pm (Mon to Fri), 9.30am – 6pm (Sat and Sun)

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