Here’s 30% off Singapore’s first Boba tea making studio for the BBT addicts

by Claire Tan

It’s Circuit Breaker 2.0, and we’ve received news that some of our favourite bubble tea shops will be temporarily closed. Bubble tea is a drink that some of us never tire of, so if the outlets around you are closed, here’s a piece of good news from Teahee.

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Teahee — Singapore’s first boba tea making studio

Teahee is Singapore’s first Boba tea making studio. Currently offering 30% off their workshops — there’s no need to spend money on delivery fees anymore when you can make your cuppa at home.

A range of different workshops are available. From making normal boba tea to brown sugar boba ice cream and even alcoholic boba tea, you’ll definitely find one that floats your boat.

Photo: Teahee

Yes, bubble tea shops offer a range of sugar level choices. But sometimes, it’s still too sweet or bland. Since you’ll be your own tea barista at Teahee’s, you’ll finally get to make the perfect concoction. This 1.5h bubble tea workshop costs S$69.90. You will start by having an introduction to the equipment and ingredients required to curate your perfect drink.

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In every great bubble tea, there will be soft chewy tapioca pearls. Hence, in this workshop, you’ll be able to learn how to make your pearls from scratch and how to create the perfect blend of fresh milk and syrups.

To create this beautifully blended bubble tea with subtly sweet bouncy tapioca pearls, simply book your workshop on Klook at only $48.

Photo: Teahee

For those who need alcohol in everything, the alcoholic bubble tea workshop will be perfect for you. You will learn how to make a harmonious blend between Whiskey/Baileys and milk tea In a span of 1.5h. The best of both worlds! This workshop is priced at S$89.90 on their website. However, you can get a 25% off by getting it on Klook for S$68.

Photo: Teahee

If you do not feel comfortable heading out during this uncertain period, Teahee also offers a DIY Bubble Tea Set (S$30, U.P. S$48). The set comes with all the necessary items needed for your bubble tea. This includes a plastic cocktail shaker, a limited edition metal straw set and ingredients fit for three pax.

Photo: Teahee / instagram

Colourful traveller’s tea series

If you aren’t a fan of milk tea, Teahee also offers a travellers’ series workshop. This workshop features drinks that display a myriad of colours. Since travelling is still out of the question, we can “travel” the world by using ingredients from other countries instead.

During this 1.5h workshop, you’ll be using ingredients such as butterfly pea flowers and fruits to create a rainbow of colours. This workshop is available on their website at S$69.90 and you can also get 30% off by booking it on Klook for S$48.

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