A list of Bubble tea outlets in Singapore that are temporarily closing in May-June stay home period

by Evan Mua
bubble tea singapore closure

Remember last year’s CB when dessert shops were forced to close and everyone rushed to queue for one last cup of bubble tea? While bubble tea shops in Singapore were not forced to close this year, some outlets will still be closed temporarily during this stay home period.

Some of the bigger brands like LiHO and KOI will be closing some of their many CBD-based branches during this period, probably to keep their operations lean during this period.

Thankfully, many of our other favourite bubble tea brands in Singapore are ready for the disruption this year and we won’t be missing out on many of them!

Closed Bubble Tea outlets in Singapore

bubble tea singapore close may
Photo: KOI The Singapore

Firstly, one of Singapore’s Bubble Tea OGs, KOI has announced on facebook that the following Koi outlets will be closed until further notice:

  • Lucky Plaza
  • The Arcade
  • Tanjong Pagar Plaza
  • Changi Terminal 3
  • Westgate

Mostly units located in the CBD or town, which will mostly be empty during this period. Not surprising and it won’t affect many of us either.

bubble tea singapore closure liho
Photo: LiHO Singapore

Meanwhile, another of Singapore’s bubble tea favourites LiHO also announced that these following outlets closed until June 13th:

  • Capitol Piazza
  • Jcube
  • NUS
  • One Raffles Place
  • Changi Terminal 3
  • Tekka Place
  • Sentosa Beach Station
  • Lucky Chinatown

While LiHO will be temporarily closing quite a few outlets, don’t worry because they’ve thoughtfully listed out the nearest alternatives to the affected outlets.

There will be more than enough LiHO outlets for you to go for your bubble tea fix, being Singapore’s biggest home grown brand!

Photo: Playmade by 丸作

Another brand that will be affected by May’s stay home measures is Playmade, popular for their creatively-flavoured pearls. Their Marina Bay Link Mall outlet will be out of action until further notice.

bubble tea outlets closed covid
Photo: Milksha

Adding onto that, Taiwanese bubble tea brand Milksha will also be closing their Change Alley Mall outlet until 13 June 2021.

bbt closed covid
Photo: R&B Tea

And for fans of brown sugar boba, popular brand R&B Tea will also be closing their Far East Square and Change Alley Mall outlets until 13 June 2021.

While this is all that’s been announced so far, we’re hoping that these will be all the bubble tea outlets affected in Singapore. But watch this space for more updates.

Update: Westgate and Jem Bubble Tea closures

Westgate and JEM will be closed for 2 weeks for deep cleaning due to a number of COVID cases detected from tests. They will be closed from 23 May 2021 to 3 June 2021.

In accordance with the Ministry of Health’s directives, Jem will be temporarily closed for 14 days from 23 May 2021, 7am…

Posted by Jem on Saturday, 22 May 2021

With two of the biggest malls in the Western part of Singapore closing, a few bubble tea brands are hit by the measures.

Bubble Tea outlets in JEM:

  • LiHO
  • Chicha San Chen
  • R&B Tea
  • Blackball

Outlets in Westgate:

  • KOI
  • Milksha
  • Gong Cha
  • Playmade

Ultimately, as much as we love bubble tea, health is more important. Stay home and stay safe! There will always be bubble tea delivery readily available whenever the craving hits!

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