New Tenderbest in Punggol will have a drive-thru, Cat & the Fiddle cheesecakes & soft serves

by Natalie Lim

For all the people living in northeastern Singapore, we’ve got a piece of good news for you.

Fried chicken chain Tenderbest will be opening their newest drive-thru inclusive outlet in Punggol, and it’ll be joined with the famous Cat & the Fiddle cafe.

Fried chicken and cheesecakes? It doesn’t get any more sinful than this.

Tenderbest’s new drive-thru inclusive outlet in Punggol

Tenderbest punggol
Photo: @tenderfreshsg

Slated to open on the first week of September, the food chain will be launching the Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop Cafe concept in Punggol. The halal food kiosk has two other outlets in Woodlands and Jalan Kayu, but they do not have a drive-thru service.

Since everyone is scrambling to dine in now, the drive-thru allows customers to simply order in advance and just drive over to pick up their food.

Tenderbest punggol
Photo: @tenderfreshsg/instagram

Besides the new service, Tenderbest’s new outlet in Punggol will also have bicycle parking facilities for cyclists. If you’re cycling through Punggol Waterway Park, you can now stop by for a cup of coffee and catch a small break.

Photo: @tenderfreshsg/instagram

Of course, fried chicken will be on its menu. For those coming with their families, get the best bang of your buck by getting the Family 9-piece Set (S$29), which’ll be more than enough to share for two to four pax. 

If you’d prefer an individual meal, opt for the 2-piece set (S$7.50) instead. Each meal comes with fries and coleslaw,  the partners in crime for something delightfully sinful. 

Photo: @tenderfreshsg – Truffle scrambled eggs with turkey bacon

Tenderbest’s menu in Punggol will also feature the usual items such as chicken chop, steak, and pasta, but keep a lookout for new offerings such as Asian fusion pizzas, baked rice dishes, and a brunch addition for the weekends.

Tenderbest punggol
Photo: @tenderfreshsg/instagram

For those who can’t seem to get a seat in IKEA’s cafeteria, there’s Chicken Meatballs and Potato Salad here to curb your cravings.

Photo: @tenderfreshsg

Let’s not forget about dessert. Cat & the Fiddle will also have a kiosk in place and contrary to popular belief, the cafe sells more than just cheesecakes.

Tenderbest punggol
Photo: @catandthefiddlecakes (left), @yongkaiiii (right)/instagram

After a tantalising fried chicken meal, dig into an icy, creamy cheesecake soft serve to expel the heat. Have it on a cone (S$5.90) or share a waffle (S$10.90) with your friends or family.

If you lack the tummy space for dessert, simply takeaway one of their cheesecake slices from S$5.90 and have it for later!

Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop (Punggol)
Website | Facebook | Instagram
???? 60 Punggol East #01-09 Singapore 828825
????️ 11am–11pm (Mon–Fri), 8.30am–11pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

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