We can finally indulge in Swedish favourite at home now that IKEA Singapore’s restaurant has islandwide delivery

by Evan Mua
ikea singapore restaurant delivery

We know how crazy Singaporeans are about IKEA. How can we forget the snaking queues forming outside the Swedish retailer’s outlets prior to CB last year, with crowds waiting to get a last look — and probably a last bite — at the popular megastore.

While we can find Swedish food in some restaurants in Singapore, nothing triumphs IKEA in the heart of many people. Good news if you’re one of those IKEA fans because the restaurant is offering delivery to everywhere in Singapore.

ikea singapore restaurant delivery
Photo: IKEA Singapore

It’s now just a few clicks away on Foodpanda. So if you’re procrastinating a trip to IKEA because of the long journey, you can now satiate your cravings for classics such as their Swedish Meatballs and their Spaghetti.

The delivery menu isn’t huge but it’s got everything you’d want from IKEA Singapore’s restaurant. First off, 12 pieces of the signature Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potato & Broccoli are available for S$8.50.

ikea singapore restaurant delivery
Photo: @hungrytwinks/instagram

Vegetarians and vegans can get in on IKEA’s signature too — Plant Balls with Mashed Potato & Broccoli come with the same price tag of S$8.50. You can even throw in some cake and soup for a Combo with the meatballs or plant balls for S$14.50.

While IKEA’s restaurant is synonymous with meatballs in Singapore, you can also get some carbs for delivery if you need a heartier meal.

It’s probably a tough choice between the pairing of Laksa Sauce or Tomato Sauce for the luxe Half Lobster & Meatball Spaghetti, both priced at S$19.50.

ikea singapore restaurant delivery
Photo: IKEA Singapore

If that’s not enough to curb your lovesickness for IKEA, order an entire feast with other popular items like Salmon Fillet with Medallions & Hollandaise Sauce (S$9.50), Chicken Wings (S$6.50/4pcs, S$8.50/6pcs), and New York Cheesecake (S$4).

While delivery is now available throughout Singapore, you can still personally head down to the IKEA restaurant to pick up your orders. They’ve made it easier for customers with a pre-order system available too!

For the talented home cooks confident enough to recreate the meatballs at home, the Swedish Food Markets are also stocked with frozen items such as Meatballs (S$16/1kg) and Rosti (S$3.30) so you can DIY. Market items are also available on Foodpanda for delivery.

IKEA Singapore Restaurant Delivery
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