This supermarket in Orchard has a dog treat bar with many interesting and unique treats for your fur baby


Remember the days when we would go to Mini Toons and pick from a myriad of sweet treats from gummies to marshmallows and chocolate? I don’t know about you, but that was one of my fondest memories from when I was in primary and secondary school.

Now, what if we told you that you can recreate that wholesome experience for you with your precious little fur baby.

The gush of excitement from looking at the sheer amount of treats to choose from will surely provide a much needed serotonin boost for both you and your doggo — no matter how old you are. 

Hidden away in Great World City’s CS Fresh by Cold Storage outlet, you’ll find The Dog Treat Bar by Alison’s Pantry — a special section dedicated to providing a huge variety of the yummiest and healthiest treats for your little angel. 

dog treat bar singapore
Photo: Alison’s Pantry 

For those who aren’t familiar with Alison’s Pantry, they mainly specialise in providing healthier snacks like nuts, seeds, dried fruits and more in supermarkets like Cold Storage and Giant — which is why we’re so excited because we definitely only want the best for our puppers. 

dog treat bar singapore
Photo: @prinzxpryncess/instagram

The dog treats that you’ll be able to find at the dog treat bar are all 100% natural, and each treat is even labelled with its nutritional value and benefits to help you easily pick the best mix for your dog. 

The selection is really substantial, and you’ll be able to find treats like peanut butter (almost every dog’s kryptonite!) dog biscuits, protein-based training treats like salmon, grass-fed beef, and more. 

dog treat bar singapore
Photo: @buddythebelovedpoodle/instagram

Not gonna lie, it’s probably going to be really easy to get carried away and scoop up too many treats for your baby, but hey, they deserve it for being such a good pupper

dog treat bar singapore
Photo: @teddomukbang/instagram

Ready to give your fur baby a new fun memory with the dog treat bar? Head on over to CS Fresh at Great World City! 

The Dog Treat Bar at CS Fresh by Cold Storage
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