You can now try the viral charcoal claypot lala hotpot in Singapore with free soup refills at this alfresco beer garden in Ubi

by Christabel Tan

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen the viral JB supper spot Dai Tao Lala Pot all over your FYP. It seems as though no one can get enough of the eatery’s affordable lala hotpot, which is priced from just S$11, with unlimited free refills to boot!

ubi claypot lala
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But if you’re not keen on travelling across the causeway, Ubi Claypot Lala might just be the next best thing.

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As the name suggests, the eatery is located in a coffeeshop in Ubi, directly opposite the ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, complete with beer garden-style alfresco seating. And yes, they do serve beer.

ubi claypot lala
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They prides themselves as the first in Singapore to offer claypot lala cooked over charcoal, and at fairly affordable prices.

Photo: Ubi Claypot Lala/google images

There are two sizes of Speciality Broth: Small (S$13.80) and Big (S$22.80), with the option of topping up S$10.80 for 500g of fresh lala.

ubi claypot lala
Photo: Ubi Claypot Lala/google images

Take your pick from an extensive selection of over 40 ingredients, like meat, seafood, and vegetables, at prices starting from as low as S$0.80.

Photo: ‎Ubi Claypot Lala/google images‎

Think the usual hotpot staples like Shabu Pork (S$8.80), Tiger Prawn (S$10.80), Enoki Mushroom (S$2.80), and Bean Curd Roll (S$6.80), alongside slightly more “out there” options like Taiwan Sausage (S$6.80), Bursting Cheese Ball (S$8.80), and Pig Skin (S$6.80).

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Don’t forget to load up on fried garlic and Shaoxing wine, which gives the broth that much-needed “drunken” kick.

The best part? The rich, aromatic, and slurp-worthy broth is refillable — I can totally see myself polishing off a couple extra bowls on a rainy day!

ubi claypot lala
Photo:‎ Ubi Claypot Lala/google images

We also hear that the housemade chilli sauce, which pairs exceptionally well with seafood, is a must-try.

Visiting as a solo diner? You might want to consider ordering the single-serving Lala Bee Hoon (S$6.80) and topping up for an extra 250g of lala (S$5.80).

Photo: ‎Ubi Claypot Lala/google images‎

Do note that the eatery does not take reservations, so be prepared to wait if you come down during peak hours.

Will you be heading down for your fix of this heartwarming lala hotpot before the rainy season comes to an end?

Ubi Claypot Lala
📍 179 Ubi Ave 4, #01-05, Singapore 408793
🕒 12pm–10pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

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