Waa Cow! Yakiniku by popular beef bowl chain has affordable meat cuts & unique sauces like mentaiko & truffle

by Christabel Tan

Waa Cow! is best known for their signature flame-torched wagyu beef bowls topped with all sorts of goodies (like mentaiko, truffle, and foie gras).

Beef lovers rejoice — they’ve launched a new yakiniku concept in Serangoon Gardens specialising in affordable meats that won’t break the bank, alongside a fun selection of dipping sauces, Waa Cow! Yakiniku.

waa cow! yakiniku
Photos: @waacowyknk/instagram

Located in myVillage, the space is vibrant and colourful, with the focal point being a 12.5-metre wall mural depicting Waa Cow!’s journey throughout the years. A fun and convivial yakiniku experience awaits — you’re in for a grillin’ good time.

Photo: @waacowyknk/instagram

Singaporeans can never get enough of grill-it-yourself yakiniku concepts, and Waa Cow! Yakiniku is no different, featuring different beef cuts at pocket-friendly prices like Karubi (from S$6.90 for 100g), Oyster Blade (from S$13.90 for 100g), and even Ox Tongue (from S$18.90 for 100g).

Although beef cuts dominate the menu, you can also choose from a decent selection of pork, chicken, and vegetable options, including the likes of Chicken Thigh (from $4.90 for 100g), Pork Belly (from S$5.90 for 100g) and Premium Pork Collar (from S$7.90 for 100g).

waa cow! yakiniku
Photo: @waacowyknk/instagram

However, the sauces are what makes Waa Cow! Yakiniku stands out. There are seven dipping sauces to choose from, including the complimentary Garlic Butter Teriyaki and Ponzu Negi. The other five — Truffle, Mentaiko, Wasabi Mayo, Sweet Sukiyaki with Raw Egg, and Spicy Miso with Leek — are also worth a try. Just top up S$0.90 per sauce, or get ’em all through the Signature All Dips Platter (S$3.90).

Photo: @waacowyknk/instagram

Balance out all that meat by ordering hot sides (you won’t go wrong with the classic chawanmushi and miso soup combo) and a fresh sashimi platter or two. Suitable for sharing, the Amaebi Platter (S$21.90) features amaebi (sweet shrimp), Hokkaido scallops, and Norwegian salmon slices — a great palate-cleanser.

I’ll be heading over for some good yet affordable yakiniku very soon. What about you?

Waa Cow! Yakiniku
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