Enjoy bamboo milk tea, matcha latte & more from this underrated bubble tea store available for a limited time only

by Marcus Leong

Bubble tea is my ultimate guilty pleasure — I will never say no to a cup. The drink has undergone some major evolution over the last few years, with more and more stores popping up and brands selling unique variations of the drink. 

Popular Chinese bubble tea brand, Yan Xi Tang is taking things to the next level by zhng-ing up your regular cup of boba and serving it in a bamboo cup for a limited time only. 

We’ve seen bamboo ice cream and coffee being served in JB, but having bubble tea served in a bamboo cup? Now that’s a first (in Singapore at least). 

Yan Xi Tang
Photo: Confirm Good

Yan Xi Tang has a special selection of drinks served in a bamboo cup. These drinks include the Matcha Latte with Red Bean (S$8.80), Honey G Oolong Osmanthus Milk Tea with Pearl (S$8.80), and Chocolate Milk Tea with Pearl (S$8.80)

For obvious reasons, the drinks are not poured directly into the bamboo cup. Instead, the drinks are poured into a plastic cup and then placed inside the bamboo barrel. All of the drinks come topped with whipped cream and two sticks of Pepero biscuits. 

Photo: Confirm Good

We tried the Matcha Latte and the Honey G Oolong Osmanthus Milk Tea. The Matcha Latte was on the sweeter side and was very creamy. I only wished that the matcha flavours were a little bit more pronounced. The red bean was cooked to perfection — nicely sweet and provided a good crunch to the drink. 

The bit of strawberry crunch on top also provided a burst of sourness. If you love your matcha latte sweet then this is right up your alley. Otherwise, I’d recommend asking for less sugar. 

Photo: Confirm Good

My personal favourite was the Honey G Oolong Osmanthus Milk Tea. It was topped with whipped cream and crushed pistachio. I loved that the drink was just the right amount of sweetness and the tea had a light floral aftertaste. 

I typically do not like pearls in my bubble tea — yes, I’m that person. But what I liked about the pearls here was that they were not overly coated in sugar and were just the right chewy-ness for me. I definitely recommend this drink if you’re looking for something refreshing to beat the sweltering heat. 

Photo: Confirm Good

Yan Xi Tang’s special bamboo series is only available for a limited time — or until they run out of the bamboo barrels. 

But, you can do your part by returning the cups to the store so that they can reuse the cups (and maybe extend the promotion) *fingers crossed*. The store is also having a special 25% discount (S$6.60) for the bamboo milk teas, which are only available at the Bishan outlet

Looking for something refreshing to beat the heat? Give these bamboo bubble teas a go! 

Yan Xi Tang 
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???? 282 Bishan Street 22, Bishan North Shopping Mall #01-153, Singapore 570282
???? 11am—8pm (Daily)

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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