13 Unique Christmas Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones a Pleasant Surprise

by Marcus Low

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Christmas is the season of giving, where friends and family come together amidst their hectic schedules and take part in exciting gift exchanges. Surprising your loved ones with something distinctive is definitely a great idea, but sometimes the problem lies in finding such presents.

ConfirmGood has put together a list recommending gifts that are aesthetic, versatile and practical for all gift sorts of gift recipients. Here are some suggestions on what you can buy!

1. Personalised Vintage Merry Christmas Mug

Source: GiftsForYouNow

Personalised gifts are perfect for the festive season. Not only does Gifts For You Now offer mug customisation services, they also provide an option to hide the price of the mug and even include a small gift message. With customisation, there will be no more arguing over whose cup is whose anymore!

Price: SGD $15.99

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2. Oversized Plaid Blanket

Source: Amazon

The December Holidays call for travel opportunities, and this winter season definitely requires you to keep warm and cozy. Of the many types of winter fashion pieces, scarves can give your outfit an elegant touch and go along with the festive vibes as well! These scarves are also a good fashion statement that can switch up your look.

Price: SGD $16.49 (U.P. $23.58)

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3. 3-Pack Ankle Sock with Christmas Dinosaur Tree Rex Print

We all know that quirky socks are just as important in the Christmas spirit as ugly sweaters. They keep you comfy and really helps you ease into the festive mood. Additionally, these socks come in packs of 3 so your loved ones can mix-and-match them with their outfits. Now if they’re told to pull up their socks, it may not necessarily be a bad thing 😉

Price: SGD $14.82

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4. Snowman Pillow

Source: ezbuy

This would be perfect for that one friend who loves to surround themselves with stuffed toys and pillows. Your friend would be able to add this adorable Christmas-themed pillow to his/her collection.

Price: SGD $9.45 (U.P. $10.50)

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5. Personalised Cardholder

Singapore is becoming an increasingly cashless society, making cardholders one of the most practical gifts to help store the multiple cards lying around in our pockets. This premium-quality cardholder by Imprint allows you to personalise it, choosing from their collection of elegant colours and including a short message for your loved ones. Moreover, it always feels good to support a local brand!

Price: from SGD $21.90

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6. Notebook/Planner

Source: Naiise

A notebook planner is essential in helping the user prepare and plan for the New Year ahead. This planner from Naiise features abstract paintings on the cover and is filled with thoughtful quotes to motivate your friends as they plan. Remind them not to ditch or forget any more plans, now that they have this planner!

Price: SGD $23.90

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7. Santa Claus Toilet Paper

Source: Lazada

Decking the halls this Christmas? Most people would focus on decorating their living rooms and common areas in their house, but the bathroom is also a room that we should not forget. Why not spruce things up and decorate your toilet as well. No matter which room your guests enter, they’ll be reminded that it’s the festive season. On top of that, this gift is sure to invite laughter from the recipient!

Price: SGD $4.88 (U.P. $15.17)

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8. Aesthetic Metal Water Bottles

Source: cottonon

Bottles are essential items that are used by anyone and everyone. These metal bottles from Typo are made with double-walled stainless steel that’s non toxic and temperature-resistant, making it both aesthetic and practical. Plus, you have many fun prints to choose from.

Price: SGD $17.99 (U.P. $29.99)

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9. Christmas 3 Piece 100% Cotton Bath Towel Set

Source: Wayfair

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the festivities, you can opt for these good quality yet really delightful looking towels from Wayfair. The bright colours on these towels represent the Christmas spirit perfectly, and suits the jolly atmosphere of the season!

Price: SGD $17.99 (U.P. $22.99)

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10. Marble Plates

Source: ezbuy

Have a friend that loves hosting big gatherings? Well, these plates are perfect for them. Help them impress their guests when they serve Christmas ham in these aesthetic marble plates. Food served on an aesthetic plate helps make it look more appetising, while keeping the meal presentable with little effort. Moreover, they are not too costly if you are looking to get more sets.

Price: SGD $2.79 (U.P. $3.10)

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11. Mint Rose Bar Soap

Source: Rough Beauty

Fresh lavender has a whole host of benefits. It helps to treat acne and eczema, detoxifying, aids in treating scars, toning, boosts circulation, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal. This special bar soap from Rough Beauty is handmade in Singapore using only natural ingredients, and is definitely a great gift option for both friends and family!

Price: $9.50

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12. SkinCare Travel Kit

Source: Naiise

Traveling overseas sounds fun, and being able to conveniently bring your essentials is extremely important as well. This travel kit available on Naiise is made in Korea. The products are paraben-free, carry-on approved and even resealable. Remind your gift recipient to send beautiful selfies after they have used the skin care products from this set.

Price: SGD $15.00

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13. Michel Design Works Candle & Soap Gift Set

Source: Amazon

If you are having parties or just chilling at home, this can be a good Christmas-themed prop that decorates and fills your room with a nice aroma. If you are a candle-lover and on the lookout for candles to give off the holiday spirit, this can very well give your living room some christmassy character for your friends to sing along to some Christmas carols.

Price: SGD $19.46 (U.P. $23.90)

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