Get affordable hotel-grade at 5 Star HK Dim Sum from S$2 in this void-deck-themed Food Junction

by Evan Mua
5 star hk dim sum sengkang

It’s always hard to find places with good and affordable dim sum in your neighbourhood food court or kopitiam, since many stalls just get the factory-made stuff. But if you’re staying in Sengkang then you’re in luck, because 5-Star HK Dim Sum just opened its second outlet there.

You know it’s going to be better than your typical stalls — it’s helmed by a chef with decades of experience making dim sum in kitchens in both Singapore and Hong Kong, including prestigious establishments such as the Michelin-starred Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel.

rivervale void deck food junction
Photo: Food Junction

And because of his experience, 5 Star Hk Dim Sum claims to handmake their own dim sum, including at the new Sengkang outlet. So if you’re sick of overly-doughy char siew bao, it might be worth paying them a visit!

If that’s not reason enough for you to head down, the Food Junction that the stall is located is also a cool attraction in itself. The whole space is modelled to look like our iconic HDB void decks, with tiled dining tables and stools and even the legendary dragon-head playground.

5 star hk dim sum sengkang
Photo: Food Junction

No better place to enjoy some comforting dim sum and congee than in such a nostalgic decor, especially when 5 Star HK Dim Sum serves up a selection of over 30 items that include your regular steamed and fried dim sum, as well as rice and congee for those who can’t live without carbs.

While they might not be as cheap as your typical dim sum stalls, especially those that sell everything for just 1 to 2 dollars, it’s still relatively more affordable than eating a dim sum restaurant.

5 star hk dim sum sengkang
Photo: Food Junction

So what are some of the hotel-grade dim sum you can find here at 5 Star HK Dim Sum? You’ve got the classics like Xiao Long Bao (S$4), Steamed Prawn Siew Mai (S$4.50), BBQ Char Siew Pau (S$3.50) and a few variations of chee cheong fun including Char Siew (S$4.50) and a unique Fried Duck (S$5) version.

There’s also the flaky Po Lo Pau (S$2.50) available if you want something that isn’t very commonly seen in coffee shops, then you can pair all the hearty dim sum from 5 Star HK Dim Sum with a simple and nourishing bowl of Century Egg Roast Duck Congee (S$5) or Seafood Congee (S$5.50).

Food Junction Rivervale mall
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