99 Old Trees opens a speciality cafe serving durian choux puffs & chendol

by Vera

As the king of fruits continues to arrest the the hearts and capture the imagination of Singaporeans, there’s no better time to celebrate durian innovation than now. 99 Old Trees, having relocated from their previous outlet in Owen Road, has opened its doors right outside Outram Park MRT Station.

IG-worthy durian cafe

Photo: 99 Old Trees

The speciality store itself is an homage to one of Singapore’s most-admired fruits — a modern love letter to the stinky fruit, ceiling-to-wall murals, and of course, a menu designed to a tee in celebration of durians. Snap some IG-worthy shots of your dessert and fits here, all while savouring the rich, creamy fruit.

Photo: 99 Old Trees

Durian-themed desserts

Apart from getting the creamy goodness itself vacuum wrapped in a convenience takeout box, there are of course also desserts on the menu that not only incorporate durian in them, but also ensure that it shines.

Photo: 99 Old Trees

The Stinky Bomb (S$1.80, minimum order of 2 pieces) features thick Mao Shan Wang bursting out of a crispy choux pastry that’ll easily light any durian-lover’s eyes up. Even as someone who’s largely on the fence when it comes to the fruit, the Stinky Bomb comes as a refreshing take that’s adjacent to the usual durian cream puff.

Photo: 99 Old Trees

Sold as either Whole/Footlong (S$25) or in a Quarter (S$6.50, only for dine-in), the Stinky Roll is the quintessential durian swiss roll that is an unfailing classic on any menu.

Photo: 99 Old Trees

If you prefer your desserts in a bowl, then the iconic Stinky Chendul (S$3 without durian, S$5 with durian) and the Stinky Bowl (S$5.50, S$7.50 for extra durian) should be right up your alley. The Stinky Bowl is a delightful mess of durian mousse that promises to give you the sucker-punch of flavour that you seek.

Photo by Confirm Good

To pair, Chinese Tea (S$6.50 per pot, refillable) might be an unlikely choice at first, but the tea selection at 99 Old Trees have been carefully curated to pair well with the strong-tasting fruit. Otherwise, there’s also Fresh Coconut Water (S$4.50), Mineral Water (S$1.50), and Oldenlandia Water (S$2) to keep the ‘heatiness’ at bay, should you subscribe to that school of thought.

So the next time those durian cravings come a-knocking, you know where to look to satisfy them.

99 Old Trees
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? 1 Teo Hong Road, S088321
???? 12pm–9pm (Daily)

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