Annalakshmi is a pay-as-you-wish buffet restaurant with all-you-can-eat Indian cuisine in the CBD to help you rack up good karma points


When you hear the word ‘buffet’ — you’d probably think that the price point is going to be pretty steep (especially since this one is located in the heart of the CBD!). 

But what if we told you that the price of the buffet could be anything that you want it to be — no strings attached? 

It might seem impossible, but it is — thanks to Annalakshmi, a unique Indian restaurant located at Shenton Way (there’s also another outlet at Havelock Road). 

Annalakshmi singapore
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Born with the vision of serving people from all walks of life — especially those who need it the most, this charity-based vegetarian restaurant serves up an array of Indian dishes ranging from North Indian favourites like fragrant basmati rice and breads to South Indian classics such as sambar (vegetable stew) and more.

Annalakshmi singapore
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There’s also a myriad of different sauces and dips — so your meal is as versatile as it can get. 

Annalakshmi singapore
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To help you wash everything down, there are also refreshing drinks like juices and lassi (a creamy and sweet yoghurt beverage) for you to choose from. 

Annalakshmi singapore
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The food and place has a very homely vibe, making it seem like you’re enjoying a nice and authentic Indian meal cooked by a loving grandmother. 

Annalakshmi singapore
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The best part? It’s all free-flow and you get to decide how much you want to pay at the end of your meal. The proceeds will then go towards helping those in need in rural areas in India

On top of that, the restaurant also provides and delivers hot meals to the ones that need it here in Singapore as well. These include lower-income families, elderly citizens, migrant workers and many more. 

For those who want to contribute to the restaurant’s movement even more, they also have catering services and set meals available for purchase. 

The next time you’re looking for a meaningful meal, definitely head on over to Annalakshmi for some good food and good karma! 

Annalakshmi Restaurant
Facebook | Website
???? 6A Downtown Gallery, Shenton Way, Singapore 068815
???? 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–9pm (Tue to Sun), closed on Mon

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