Ben & Jerry’s Snackable Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is finally in Singapore so you don’t have to dig through ice cream for the dough

by Christabel Tan

You may have seen the videos on TikTok of people digging through pints of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream to get those highly coveted chunks of dough (with some even baking them into cookies).

Why go to all that effort when the beloved ice cream brand has finally released its Snackable Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough right here in Singapore?

ben & jerry's cookie
Photo: @benandjerrysg/instagram

We first heard about the launch from Ben and Jerry’s Singapore’s official Instagram account with the caption:

Introducing our NEW Cookie Dough Chunks! No more digging for those euphoric chunks out of the pint! ????

Pro tip: Sprinkle them over your favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavours to make them even more dough – licious ????

Exclusively available (on) Grab

ben & jerry's cookie
Photo by Confirm Good

Obviously, we had to get our hands on a packet and try them for ourselves.

ben & jerry's cookie
Photo by Confirm Good

The viral product is made using the exact same cookie dough that you find in Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream, and it comes in an 8oz (227g) bag with “about 8 servings per container.” The packet also comes with a “Keep Frozen” label.

Good ol’ chunks of soft and sweet chocolate chip cookie dough “you can grab straight from the package” — what’s not to like? Although I’m someone who prefers baked cookies over cookie dough, some of my colleagues (especially those with massive sweet tooth) could not stop snacking on them.

(There was also a slightly sandy texture, but only if you leave the packet out of the freezer for too long)

@tastesoulsg Replying to @charmaine Cookie dough lovers, THIS IS YOUR SIGN! #tastesoulsg #snackabledough #sgfoodreview #benandjerryscookiedough #benandjerrys #sgfoodhunt #sgfoodie #cookiedough ♬ original sound – KristyLee

One colleague even rated it an 8.97/10.

Screencaps from @benandjerrysg/instagram

There are countless ways to enjoy the cookie dough chunks, as recommended by Ben & Jerry’s, be it in brownies, trail mix, dipped in chocolate, or the self-explanatory ice cream topping. Even better — why not enjoy ’em atop cookie dough ice cream for the ultimate cookie dough experience and channel your inner Cookie Monster?

You can also try baking them into actual cookies if you like.

ben & jerry's cookie
Screencap from @benandjerrysg/instagram

Each packet of Ben & Jerry’s Snackable Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is priced at S$14.90 and you can find it exclusively on The Ice Cream Store via GrabMart, which has multiple outlets islandwide.

Photo by Confirm Good

You may even be able to purchase them at selected Shell petrol stations, according to some TikTok users.

ben & jerry's cookie
Photo by Confirm Good

Perhaps we’ll see more flavours in the (hopefully near) future, such as the S’mores Mix, Peanut Butter Mix, or even the super festive and delicious-sounding Cinnamon Bun Dough.

Photo: @benandjerrys/instagram

Ready to get your hands on some cookie dough? Dough-n’t miss out!

Ben & Jerry’s Snackable Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
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