After delays, the BTS McDonald’s Meal is finally coming to Singapore on 21 June

by Evan Mua
bts x mcdonald's meal singapore

Anyone remembers the hype a few weeks ago for a certain McDonald’s special? Yes, K-Pop stans know what I’m talking about — the BTS special meal with McDonald’s is finally launching on 21 June 2021.

Diehard ARMY all over the world were all super hyped when it was announced — a special meal that their idols personally endorsed. You finally get a peek into what it was they eat on their cheat days.

bts x mcdonald's meal singapore
Photo: @mings.foto/instagram

The special McDonald’s X BTS Meal is basically a combination of 9-piece Chicken McNuggets, 1 large Fries, and 1 large Drink. But the highlight was of course the special Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces.

These are special sauces inspired by popular recipes from McDonald’s South Korea, which Singapore doesn’t have.

It was originally meant to be launched in May. But due to the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) restrictions, McDonald’s decided to push back the BTS Meal launch. BTS fans be like “Life Goes On”.

bts x mcdonald's meal singapore
Photo: @ginalintw/instagram

Now, after a gruelling month stuck at home doing nothing but listening to BTS on replay, fans can finally look celebrate the end of Phase 2 — with a BTS twist. 21 June 2021, mark your calendars.

That said don’t go over-zealous, countries like Indonesia had McDonald’s outlets closed down due to the crazy demand.

It was so crazy that some McDonald’s outlets were swarmed with a whole hoard of delivery drivers trying to pick up the orders. It was a crazy situation that forced the outlets to be closed.

bts x mcdonald's meal singapore
Photo: Bighit Music / Hype / McDonald’s

Of course, the other exciting thing about the collab is the much sought after BTS x McDonald’s merch that came out of it.

The merch isn’t included in the meal sadly, but you can purchase it online from their website directly — if there’s any left.

While many things are sold out, the BTS x MCD Logo Hoodie and LP Pouch are still available for pre-order. Perfect items if you’re looking for the newest statement piece to your hypebae outfit.

At the end of the day, it’s finally a breath of fresh air to be allowed to dine out again. We’re sure many fans would be happy to finally get their hands on their meal, and the experience will be Dynamite.

McDonald’s x BTS Meal
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