13 hotpot deliveries in Singapore to curb your cravings while staying at home until June 13th

by Evan Mua
best hotpot delivery singapore

We all know someone who loves Hotpot. Sometimes, it’s our friends, our parents, but most of the time, it’s us ourselves. We crave those piping hot soups during this stayhome period where can’t get your Hotpot fix in Singapore — unless through deliveries.

Yes, you can get to indulge in your favourite Hotpot or Mookata places in the comfort of your home! Some of them don’t even require you to have your own hotpot equipment.

It’s easy, fuss-free, and saves you the time and trouble of going out to the supermarkets to hunt for Hotpot stock and ingredients. Making your own makeshift Hai Di Lao at home just doesn’t quite feel the same.

If you’re a Hotpot aficionado, this Singapore Hotpot delivery guide will be the only thing you need for the remainder of your stay-home delivery itineraries.

Homely Pot

hotpot delivery singapore homely pot
Photo: @crappysotong/instagram

Ever gotten urges to indulge in Hotpot at home, but don’t have a Hotpot ready for delivery? Fret not, because Homely Pot specialises in Individual Set Meals (S$38.80) which come with free electrical pots! Each set comes with a glut of ingredients such as Cheese Tofu and Lobster Balls, as well as a choice of Pork, Mutton, Beef, or Chicken — there’s even a mushroom-loaded vegetarian option.

Not only is there no minimum order, Homely Pot provides islandwide delivery.

Order here.

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???? The Promenade @ Pelikat, 183 Jln Pelikat, #01-64, Singapore 537643
????️ 11am–10:45pm (Daily)

Hai Di Lao

hai di lao delivery singapore
Photo: @thebigfat.cheeks/instagram

Going crazy from trying to recreate HDL at home but never getting the ratio right? Thankfully Singapore’s most popular Hotpot is available for delivery, with 2pax sets at S$108 and 4pax sets at S$168. Granted you’re missing the impeccable service but this is as close as it gets during this period.

There’s a minimum of S$98 for delivery with a delivery fee of S$20, not inclusive of cooker rental fees though the rental option is greyed out currently. If you’re up for self-collection, they are even offering 20% off your orders.

Order here.
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???? Multiple outlets
????️10:30am–8pm (Daily)

Siam Square Mookata

mookata delivery siam square
Photo: @threetummies_/instagram

The Hotpots you can get for delivery aren’t just limited to your typical soupy Chinese-style Hotpots either. You can make meat sizzle at home with Mookata delivery from Siam Square, one of the most popular Mookatas in Singapore, at just $58 (2-4pax) or $88(6-8pax). Sets come with marinated meats, seafood, and everyone’s favourite — Mama Tom Yum.

They offer islandwide delivery, capped at S$10, while a S$100 spend entitles you to free delivery. Plus the rental for the equipment is free — dispatch will collect it back the next day.

Order here.

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???? 6001 Beach Rd, #B1-63, Singapore 199589
????️ 4pm–10pm (Daily)

City Hotpot

hotpot delivery singaproe city hotpot
Photo: @zanthrea/instagram

City Hotpot offers some unique hotpot broths that not many other places offer. Bak Kut Teh and Teochew Fish Soup broth bases? Why not! Diners can enjoy quality items such as luxurious Wagyu Beef starting from S$54.99 for 2 pax and S$118.99 for 4 pax. Lone wolves can also feast by themselves with Single Value Set Meals starting from S$22.99.

Islandwide delivery is available with a minimum order of S$30 and S$150 gets you free delivery.

Order here.

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???? 7 Wallich St, #B1-04/05 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078884
????️ 11.30pm–3pm, 5pm — 10pm (Daily)

???? One Raffles Place, #04-26/27/28, Singapore 048616
????️ 11.30pm–3pm, 5pm — 10pm (Daily)

Beauty in the Pot

hotpot delivery beauty in the pot
Photo: @paradisegrpsg/instagram

If you want smooth collagen broth to keep your skin glowing even at home, Beauty in the Pot offers delivery for their Hotpots to your house, anywhere in Singapore. A 4 pax set with the choice of 2 broth bases is available for S$90.65, and includes goodies like Spanish Pork Collar and Dried Fish Maw.

There’s a minimum order of S$70, but you can spend just a bit more to hit S$120 for free delivery. Paradise Group is also offering 25% off on all walk-in takeaways.

Order here.

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???? Multiple outlets
????️ 10.30am–9pm (Daily)

168 Mookata

mookata delivery singapore 168 mookata
Photo: @foodbaby,sg/instagram

What many people miss from dining at Hotpot restaurants is the feeling of being pampered by the staff. 168 Mookata replicates that by cooking all the food to perfection for you. While you miss out on the cooking experience (but sometimes we’re too lazy to cook) you get beautifully-seared pork belly and cheese tofu in their Meat (S$25.90) and Jumbo Platters (S$39.90).

Same day delivery is available if you order before 10am for lunch and 3pm for dinner. Orders below S$35 come at a flat S$12 fee, while orders above that will only cost S$5.

Ordering details here.

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???? 43 Cambridge Road #01-09, Stall 5, 210043
????️ 12pm–2pm, 6pm–8pm

Tsukada Nojo

Photo: @oodleeats/instagram

For smooth, collagen-rich broths, another one of Singapore’s beauty Hotpot brands is also open for delivery. Tsukada Nojo is a popular brand that comes from Japan, popular for their pudding-like Bijin Nabe stock. Bijin Nabe Sets come in Chicken (S$58), Pork (S$80), Beef (S$108) and are good for 2 pax.

Delivery requires a minimum order of S$50 for a flat delivery fee of S$5. While all outlets will be temporarily closed except Thomson Plaza, which will be open for takeaway and pick-up.

Order here.

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???? 301 Upper Thomson Rd, #03-50 Thomson Plaza, Singapore 574408
????️ 11am to 8pm (Daily)

Aroy Mak Mak

mookata delivery singapore aroy mak mak
Photo: @victorl0/instagram

Another Mookata delivery for those that prefer Hotpot meals that’s smokier and a touch more sinful. The best part of Aroy Mak Mak’s delivery is their Bundle Set (S$70) for 2-4pax. The catch is that it comes with a free Electric BBQ Steamboat that doesn’t have to be returned! Depends on availability — fastest fingers first.

A minimum order of S$30 for delivery is easily met, then it’s a basic fee of S$2.90+ and a distance-based surcharge based on distance beyond 1km.

Order here.

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???? 476-478 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368191
????️ 1pm–7am (Daily)

Qi Xiang Chicken Pot

hotpot delivery singapore qi xiang chicken pot
Photo: Qi Xiang Chicken Pot

Qi Xiang serves a special chicken soup cooked with rich and nourishing dark soya sauce, great for those craving a heartier hotpot for delivery. There are broth choices of normal, herbal or laksa for a simple Chicken Pot (S$29.90/half, S$41.90/whole), while Half Chicken (S$97.50) and Whole Chicken (S$110) Happy Meals are also available.

The delivery fee is S$12 islandwide with a minimum order of S$60 while spending above S$80 entitles you to free delivery. Pot and stove can be included with the order (S$12 or free with S$80 spend) and will be collected within 2.5 hours of delivery.

Order here.

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???? 973 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534725
????️ 12pm–2pm, 5.30pm–8pm (Daily)

COCA Singapore

hotpot delivery singaproe coca
Photo: @makanwarrior/instagram

While not the trendiest brand, COCA is an established store that’s been opened since 1987. Just ordering Hotpot for delivery can be a bit boring, which why we’re all for COCA’s Set A (3-4pax) (S$82) and Set B (5-6pax) (S$145) coming with complimentary items like Mala Fried Rice and Mala Fish Skin.

While there is no minimum order, free islandwide delivery is available for orders above S$100. And self-pick-up orders at Kallang Leisure Park, open from 11am–8pm, will be given 20% off.

Order here.

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???? 5 Stadium Walk, #02-01 Kallang Leisure Park, Singapore 397693
????️ 11.30am–8.30pm (Daily)

San Laksa

Photo: @setallarfooddiary/instagram

Craving both laksa and hotpot? San Laksa specialises in both laksa and Hotpot, available for delivery so you can indulge in the fragrant and spicy broth at home. Set menus for 2 pax, 4 pax and 6 pax will set you back S$45, S$65 or S$100.

Islandwide delivery is available that will reach your house within 2-hour of placing the order. Self pick-ups are also available at their outlet.

Order here.

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???? 404 Telok Blangah Rd, Singapore 098840
????️ 11am–2:30pm, 4:30pm–11pm (Daily)

Hai Xian Lao

hotpot delivery singapore cooked hai xian lao
Photo: Hai Xian Lao

Hai Xian Lao provides one of the most interesting Hotpot delivery option in Singapore. You can either choose to order their Hotpot Sets starting from S$68.80 for 2-3pax, or 一锅汤 (“one-pot soup”) style where everything is cooked for you, starting from S$28.

Hai Xian Lao charges a base fee of S$8 for orders that meet the minimum order of S$30 but offers free delivery for a very easy-to-hit S$50.

Order hotpot sets here, and cooked food here.

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???? 8 Trengganu St, Singapore 058462
????️ 11am–11pm (Daily)

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