Chef Kin HK Wanton Noodle is a new hawker in Yishun selling authentic HK noodles by ex Crystal Jade Head Chef

by Evan Mua
chef kin hk wanton noodles

While most people agree that the best Chinese food is the kind that tastes homely, it’s still puzzling us why top Chinese restaurants charge an arm and a leg. But that is changing with many seasoned chefs setting up their own hawker stalls, including the newest Chef Kin HK Wanton Noodle at Yishun.

The chef behind this is no ordinary chef either, he was formerly the Head Chef at Crystal Jade for over 20 years and has more than 4 decades of experience working in Cantonese kitchens.

chef kin hk wanton noodles
Photo: Chef Kin’s HK Wanton Noodles

So what you can expect from them are expertly made and comfortingly homely bowls of authentic HK-style wanton mee close to Chef Kin’s own heart.

Plus the noodles are very affordably priced too — a bowl of HK-Style Wanton Noodles will cost you S$5, comparable to the myriad of wanton mee stalls you can find around you.

chef kin hk wanton noodles
Photo: Chef Kin’s HK Wanton Noodle

But unlike the Pontians we’re familiar with, traditional HK-style wanton mee is soaked in a rich umami soup and served with plump dumplings at the side instead of charsiew.

Each bowl is filled with quality ingredients too — the noodles are specially imported from Hong Kong while the soup is a super nutritious burst of flavour that’s simmered for 8 hours with old hen and top-grade pork amongst other items.

This style of wanton mee is rare in our hawker scene and is more often found in restaurants for around S$10 a pop, which is why Chef Kin wants to share his favourite HK wanton mee with more Singaporeans at a low price.

chef kin hk wanton noodles
Photo: Chef Kin’s HK Wanton Noodle

However, if you still prefer your noodles dry, you can also find sauce-soaked options here, drenched in aromatic soy sauce and oyster sauce.

But if a bowl of wanton mee isn’t what you crave, you can get some of the other items off the menu, including a bowl of indulgent Braised Beef Brisket Noodles (S$5.50) or crispy Fried Wantons (S$4) and Fried Dumplings (S$4).

Chef Kin HK Wanton Noodle
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