Get your hotpot & bubble tea fix at the same time at popular Coucou Hotpot’s first outlet outside in Singapore

by Evan Mua
hotpot and bubble tea singapore

Some people joke that liking hotpot and bubble tea are their biggest personality traits, but we all know how true the joke actually is. Many people are absolutely infatuated with those steaming pots of soup and decadent cups of boba — and for good reason.

If you’re a hotpot and bubble tea aficionado, then you’d be excited to hear of Coucou Hotpot’s first outlet in Singapore opening in December 2021.

Coucou Hotpot is a popular brand with multiple outlets in China and Hongkong, specialising in both comforting hotpot and gratifying Taiwanese bubble tea. I mean… Duh, you get the best of both worlds, at the same time.

coucou hot pot singapore
Photo: Coucou Hotpot

Their outlet will be opened at Level 3 of Suntec City North Wing, beside the Japanese eatery enclave Eat at 7. The boarding is already up with the date of December 2021 splashed across it.

If you’re curious to see what the Singapore branch will look like, Coucou Hotpot released an artist’s impression to give a sneak peek at the stylish hotpot restaurant.

coucou hotpot singapore
Photo: Coucou Hotpot

It’s looking all snazzy and luxurious, similar to many of their other outlets in places like Hong Kong and Hangzhou. For comparison here are some of them.

coucou hotpot
Photo: Coucou Hotpot

Even though the Singapore menu isn’t officially launched yet, Coucou Hotpot did tease some of the dishes that you would be able to find here when it opens.

We’re talking bowls of indulgent fresh Alaskan King Crab, lusciously marbled slices of Japanese A4 Wagyu Beef, as well as majestic Seafood Warships featuring premium Boston lobster, abalone, and razor clams.

coucou hotpot singapore
Photo: Coucou Hotpot

But you must be thinking, what about the price? We can’t be sure of the price point in Singapore but looking at the Hong Kong outlet, you can find a 2 pax set menu priced at HKD$698 and a 4 pax set at HKD$1288, which convert to roughly S$129 and S$222 respectively.

Seems close to what we normally shell out when we go to popular hotpot restaurants in Singapore such as Hai Di Lao or Beauty in the Pot.

coucou hot pot singapore
Photo: Coucou Hotpot

But the pulling factor that will drive you to Coucou Hotpot over other places in Singapore is of course their signature Taiwan bubble tea and Taiwan teas.

For the authentic dose of Taiwanese flavour, you can get their potent and aromatic Da Hong Pao Bubble Tea or Tie Guan Yin Bubble Tea to curb those Taiwanese cravings that you’ve been nursing for the past 2 years.

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