Indulge at this food bazaar in Johor Bahru for saucy meat tacos, loaded cheese fries, yangnyeom chicken & more till this weekend only

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Food bazaars in JB are aplenty, but it doesn’t hurt to have one more to visit, right

No one can resist indulging at a night market with good and affordable food or retail therapy. 

If you’re nodding your head right now, keep reading.

Dessert & Kopi
Photo: @parkmayafest/instagram

Just 15-minutes away from the causeway, Dessert & Kopi will be taking place from now till 9 June 2024 from 10am–11pm at the car park right outside AEON Mall

Similar to most free-to-enter food bazaars in JB, there will be a plethora of street fare including traditional favourites, fried snacks, and not to mention sweet treats as you enjoy the live DJ performances. 

Photo: @parkmayafest/instagram

You can expect to find savoury delights like saucy meat tacos, sweet-spicy boneless yangnyeom chicken, and cheesy beef loaded fries from Abang Wagyu.

Photo: @parkmayafest/instagram

But, if you’re planning to try out everything at the bazaar, you might wanna start off with something simple like bubur matjipat (savoury porridge filled with hearty ingredients). 

Or munch on a light snack like Thai-style meat skewers and satay alongside tauhu bergedil (potato stuffed tofu) from Hutan Bandar.

Dessert & Kopi
Photo: @parkmayafest/instagram

Those with a massive sweet tooth (like myself) will probably find themselves stationed in front of Happy Bakes to try the trending chocolate covered strawberries (now you don’t have to fly all the way to London just to have a taste of the treat).

Dessert & Kopi
Photo: @bellytreatsjohorbahru/instagram

Just don’t indulge too much as there are tons of other desserts and pastries vendors to check out as well. This includes the likes of cheesecake tarts, kunfa, brownies, ice cream with croissants, dark chocolate crookies and so much more.

Dessert & Kopi
Photo: @parkmayafest/instagram

Or if you wanna try something different, how about a dessert that you could drink? 

Try out Belly Treat’s S’mores Drink boasting rich hot chocolate topped with velvety marshmallow fluff.

Photo: @ngopi.johorbahru/instagram

Otherwise, coffee lovers can opt for the drinks like chocolate lattes, matcha, and good ol’ teh tarik.

Dessert & Kopi
Photo: @parkmayafest/instagram

In need of retail therapy?

Hop over to the apparel corner to do some vintage thrifting — you’d be surprised at what you can find. 

JB Pickers offers Y2K-style shirts, denim jeans, oversized basketball jerseys, sneakers, and even blazers for formal work events. 

Photo: @top2toee_/instagram

Accessorise your fit with sunglasses, rings and bracelets or get a new fragrance to match the vibe you’re going for.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the kids getting bored if you’re bringing them along — there’s plenty of family-friendly games and entertainment to do for a bonding activity.  

Dessert & Kopi
📍 S15 level 2, Centre Court, Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre, Persiaran Desa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
🕐 10am–11pm (Daily)
🗓 6 to 9 June 2024

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