Step foot into vintage sneaker paradise at this thrift store in Johor Bahru with brands like Vans, Converse, Nike and more

by June Ngooi

We all know that thrift stores sell a vast range of items from mostly apparel, bags, books, to even vinyl records and cameras. By now, we have seen a couple of good thrift stores around Singapore, especially those in Peace Centre and Queensway

However a thrift store specialising in selling shoes? That is the forte of this thrift shop in Johor Bahru that sells mostly thrifted footwear. 

Photo: Solematemy/facebook

You might not spare the dull exterior of Solematemy a second glance but once inside, you’re graced with nothing but rows and columns of sneakers for you to choose from.

Photo: Solematemy/facebook

And these are not just any sneakers! 

Most of them are from renowned brands like Vans, Converse, Skechers, Nikes, Adidas (a personal favourite of mine), and more. 

Photo: Solematemy/facebook

I like to view thrifting as a form of gamble: you take the risk to roll the dice on a certain piece that you like, and with enough luck on your side, there’ll be one that fits you just right. 

But honestly looking at the sheer amount of selections that Solematemy has? From different sizes, to various colours and editions, it almost seems like Solematemy has one pair for everyone’s taste.

Photo: Solematemy/facebook

Because it’s a thrift store, some of these selections are super vintage and hard to find on shelves anymore. Yet they are still in almost brand new condition here, all at reasonable and affordable prices!

Photo: Solematemy/facebook

What’s more, Solematemy has two outlets in JB with their first one in Taman Indah, and their recently opened store in Jalan Tampoi. So you can head to whichever one is more convenient for you. 

Photo: @solematemy_adidas/instagram

If you find yourself too busy with holiday preparations to cross the border anytime soon, no worries. You can also browse through their social media and place orders via Instagram DM as well. 

With this many selection of vintage sneakers, do you think you will find your solemate at Solematemy? 

Facebook | Instagram 
📍 No 6, Jalan Indah 1, Taman Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
🕜 1.30pm–10pm (Mon to Thu, Sat), 3pm–9pm (Fri), Closed on Sun

📍 13, Jalan Tampoi, SUSUR 1, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
🕜 11.30am–12am (Mon to Fri), 3.30pm–12 am (Sat & Sun)

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