10 underrated dessert spots in Singapore that’ll satisfy your sugar cravings from just S$1.80

by Jermina

As someone with a massive sweet tooth, anything that has chocolate, sugar or even fruits in it are up my alley. It’s no surprise that I’m always on the lookout for artisanal bakes that are tasty and affordable. 

More specifically, underrated gems that you can’t normally find in your typical cafe or bakery. 

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of underrated desserts in Singapore such as alcohol-infused caneles, refreshing fruit mochi, old-school bakes and much more from just S$1.80. 

1. Mr Baguette 

Underrated desserts Singapore
Photo: @peieatstheworld/instagram

Golden Mile Food Centre is known to house a plethora of hawker eats at affordable prices and Mr Baguette is no exception. If you’ve never heard of them, they sell lava-filled baguettes with more than ten flavours. 

They come in a box of two for S$5 or box of six for S$12.50. Some flavours include Tiramisu, Blueberry, Adzuki, and even Apple Lava

Underrated desserts Singapore
Photo: @mr_baugette_singapore/instagram

What immediately caught my eye was the Red Velvet Lava. The ‘red lava’ is a mixture of yogurt, chocolate and cheese that is coloured with beetroot to achieve its classic red hue.  

As the baguettes are baked fresh daily, it’s best to eat it while you’re there if you want an IG-worthy video of the oozing lava.

Instagram | Website 
📍 505 Beach Rd, #B1-51, Singapore 199583
🕐 12pm–4.30pm (Tue to Fri), 12pm–6pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon 

📍 183 Jln Pelikat, #01-03 The Promenade@Pelikat, Singapore 537643
🕐 11am–5pm (Wed to Fri), 11am–7pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mon & Tue

2. Yugoslavia Bakery

Photo: yugoslaviabakery&cafe/google images

If you love buttery rich desserts, you might want to hear this out. Yugoslavia Bakery was opened by a Macedonian couple that sells Balkan desserts like Burek (baked phyllo pastry typically filled with savoury items).

However, they also offer sweet bureks such as Sweet Apple, Chocolate Pie and Vanilla Custard Cream that are priced at either S$4.30 (small) or S$7.70 (big) for sharing (yums). 

Photo: @yugoslavia_bakery_and_cafe/instagram

Since you’re already there, try the Pogacha (S$2.90) — a traditional round loaf with dark chocolate or raisin and cinnamon (similar to a cinnamon roll that’s been dusted in icing sugar).  

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📍 Multiple locations

3. Mr Bready

Underrated desserts Singapore
Photo: mrbready/facebook

Pasar Malams in Singapore are hard to come by nowadays and I absolutely miss their affordable underrated desserts such as the colourful steamed rice cakes (and the vibey crowd too). 

So I was excited to come across Mr Bready that sells huat kueh (don’t they look pretty?).

Photo: mrbready/facebook

Their menu may change on different days but some of the flavours that seem to be the crowd favourites are Rose Lychee, Sweet Potato Dried Longan and Matcha Cranberry, each priced at S$1.80. Pair this with a cup of hot milo for a hearty breakfast.

Facebook | Instagram
📍 159 Mei Chin Rd, #02-31 Mei Ling Market, Singapore 140159
🕐 9am–3pm (Wed to Sun), Closed on Mon & Tue 

4. Humble Bakery

Underrated desserts Singapore
Photo by Confirm Good

Scones often get a bad rep of being too dry and crumbly, but at Humble Bakery, they pride themself for serving artisanal scones with specialty flavours that you can’t get elsewhere. 

Photo by Confirm Good

I’m talking Orh Nee (yam) Mochi Scone (S$4.20), Peanut Mochi Scone (S$4.20) and Parmesan White Chocolate Scone (S$3.50). Each orh nee scone is generously filled with taro paste and sticky chewy mochi encased within the buttery pastry

Facebook | Instagram | Website 
📍 One Raffles Place #02-27 Singapore, Singapore 048616
🕐 9am–6pm (Mon to Fri), 10am–4pm (Sat), Closed on Sun

5. Luminyoyo

Underrated desserts Singapore
Photo: @luminyoyo/instagram

Introducing Singapore’s first and only dacquoise store — Luminyoyo is a Muslim-friendly store in Bugis that specialises in dacquoise pastries. If you’ve never heard of it before, think if an almond sponge and macaron had a baby, that would be it. 

Their customised box of four (S$31.50) or box of six (S$45.50) make a cute gift (or birthday cake) for your friends and loved ones.

Photo: luminyoyo/google images

Choose from Injeolmi and Soybean Powder, Salted Vanilla and Brown Sugar Rice Cake, and what I would personally go for, the Raspberry with Pistachio Dacquoise. 

Sandwiched between a thick layer of zesty raspberry filling and nutty fragrant pistachio cream — not only does it sound good but it looks appetising as well. 

Facebook | Instagram | Website 
📍 755 North Bridge Rd, Level 1, Singapore 198723
🕐 10.30am–6pm (Mon to Wed, Fri & Sat), 10.30am–1pm (Sun), Closed on Thu 

6. Bing Duo Duo Desserts

Underrated desserts Singapore
Photo: @bingduoduosg/instagram

It’s always nice to have a refreshing dessert — especially in Singapore — to cool you down. Luckily, Bing Duo Duo is an eatery that has Taiwanese-inspired desserts if you’re within the vicinity.

For those who can’t travel to Taiwan anytime soon, here’s your chance to get some shaved ice for affordable prices from just S$4.20. Get the Watermelon (S$4.80) or Mango Pomelo (S$4.80) for some fresh fruits and white pearls alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Photo: @bingduoduosg/instagram

If you’re feeling it, the Cheesecake (S$7.80) shaved ice is generously loaded with graham crumbs and a slice of velvety cheesecake, topped with a scoop of ice cream. 

They have two outlets at Upper Serangoon Road and Clementi, which closes at 11pm and 2am respectively (sounds like a potential supper spot, no?). 

📍 941 Upper Serangoon Rd 534709
🕐 1pm–11.30pm (Daily)

📍 14 Clementi Rd 129743
🕐 4.30pm–3am (Daily)

7. Flourcrafts Patisserie

Underrated desserts Singapore
Photo: flourcraftspatisserie/google images

French pastries have seen a rising success in Singapore and it’s not a surprise that the locals love it as they never fail to deliver rich, buttery bakes with custardy fillings and tart fruits. 

One of the underrated desserts in Singapore that tends to get overshadowed by croissants and eclairs are the caneles which are offered at Flourcrafts

Caneles are known for a soft and tender custard centre and a dark and firm caramelised crust pastry (it’s a wonder why they aren’t more popular with the crowd). 

Photo: flourcraftspatisserie/google images

For those who love alcohol-infused desserts, get the Baileys Rocher (S$5.50) filled with intense baileys ganache or Vanilla Rum (S$4.80) with aged dark rum and whole vanilla beans.

Classics like the Pistachio (S$5.50), Taro (S$4.80) and French Earl Grey (S$4.80) are available too!

Facebook | Instagram | Website 
📍 70 Shenton Wy, #01-08, Singapore 079118
🕐 10am–5pm (Tue to Sat), Closed on Sun & Mon

8. Lina Confectionery

Photo: Lina Confectionery & Trading

With the rise of artisanal bakeries or trendy cafes, eateries selling traditional dessert are a dime a dozen. 

Luckily, Lina Confectionery is a quaint little bakery in Alexandra Village that specialises in underrated desserts like Indonesian kueh at affordable prices in Singapore. 

Underrated desserts Singapore
Photo: serguintan/google images

Some of you (or even your parents) may have grown up eating these underrated Singapore desserts such as Ondeh Ondeh (S$2.60) or Steam Lapis (S$1) AKA rainbow kueh. 

But what they’re well known for is the signature Bika Ambon (S$1.50) which carries a unique honeycomb texture made with fragrant coconut milk and tapioca flour.  

📍 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-138, Singapore 150124
🕐 9.30am–8pm (Mon to Fri), 9.30am–5.30pm (Sat), Closed on Sun 

9. Xiao Gege Snowball Mochi

Photo: @paklwssy/RED 

If you’re in Chinatown, you might’ve missed this hidden gem that sells affordable mochi situated just a three-minute walk away from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. 

Xiao Gege Snowball Mochi offers a modest assortment of mochi flavours and hear this — all of their desserts are made with low sugar and no preservatives (perfect for indulging your cravings without feeling guilty). 

Photo: xiaogegesnowballmochi/facebook

Go for the Taro Puree (S$4.50), Mango (S$4.30) or Grape (S$4.60) if you want something cool and refreshing. Bite into a generous layer of fresh whipped cream and fruits encased within their thin, chewy and sweet mochi skin. 

Otherwise, opt for the Black Gold Musang King (S$7.20) if you’re a hardcore durian fanatic.

Facebook | Instagram | Website 
📍 5 Banda Street, #01-90, Singapore 050005
🕐 10am–7pm (Daily)

10. YM Bakery

Underrated desserts Singapore
Photo: ymbakery/google images

Nestled in the heartlands PLQ Mall YM Bakery is a homegrown bakery situated in Paya Lebar Quarter that sells affordables pies from just S$2.90. 

Chocolate lovers will be glad to hear that they have rich and decadent pies like the Coffee Chocolate Tart (S$4.30) and Chocolate Mousse Tart (S$4.70) filled with thick chocolate cream (so sinful but so good). 

Photo: ymbakery/google images

They also have one of my personal favourite desserts — their signature Lemon Tart (S$4.70) — a buttery crust that is generously filled with tart lemon curd and balanced off with a sweet and delicately piped meringue. 

There is a small dine-in area for those who wish to taste their bakes fresh! 

Facebook | Instagram | Website 
📍 10 Paya Lebar Road #B2-05, Basement 2 PLQ Mall, 409057
🕐 9am–7.30pm (Mon to Wed, Sun), 9am–8.30pm (Thu to Sat)

Which underrated dessert are you excited to try? 

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