You can get authentic handmade riceballs from S$2.90 at Don Don Donki’s Tomita Seimai onigiri kiosk

by Evan Mua

They say you can find almost anything at Don Don Donki, Singaporeans favourite post-dinner window shopping spot and that’s pretty much true — it’s a treasure trove with everything from snacks to condiments, to freshly made sushi. And now, you can even find authentic handmade onigiri at a new kiosk at Don Don Donki Orchard Central, Tomita Semai.

don don donki onigiri

So now when you’re in the Orchard Central vicinity, you have even more reason to head down to B2 besides to hear the melodious earworm of the Don Don Donki theme song drilled into your ears. You can find the stall in the deli right beside the Don Don Donki supermarket itself.

The stall also specialises in premium Japanese rice for those who want to enjoy the process of making their own onigiri at home instead of buying it from Don Don Donki. What’s special is that Tomita Seimai mills the rice on the spot to your preferences unlike the regular pre-milled stuff, and you can get a bag at S$19.80 for 2kg or S$62 for 5kg.

donki tomita seimai

But for the general public who would head down to Don Don Donki, we’d probably be more interested in the Onigiri that Tomita Seimai has on sale. If you want to have a taste of the rice for yourself, you can get one of their 10 different flavours that range from mentaiko to unagi with prices starting from S$2.90.

So here’s another great snack option for Don Don Donki customers, besides all the sushi, sweet potato, and matcha lattes to already indulge in.

don don donki onigiri

While customers aren’t given riceballs that are prepared upon order, the staff at Tomita Seimai would regularly restock the shelf with packets of freshly hand-moulded onigiri for the ceaseless stream of shoppers at Don Don Donki.

tomita seimai

There are many options available but authentic and traditional takes such as Aomori Salt Salmon (S$3.90) and Wakayama Plum (S$3.50) are a good bet if you want a comforting and homely lunch.

On the other hand, you can also find less conventional modern onigiri flavours such as Chicken Karrage Mayo (S$2.90), Tuna Mayo (S$2.90) and Unagi (S$3.50). Snacks that you could find around Don Don Donki already, but now wrapped in an Onigiri for more carb-filled goodness.

don don donki onigiri

As far as taste goes though, the onigiri was slightly hit and miss. The Aomori Salt Salmon (S$3.90) was well-seasoned, the ratio of fish to rice was too off but the Hakata Mentaiko (S$3.90) and Aomori Sujiko (S$3.50) provided plenty of satisfying umami. Especially the sujiko, as the roe ruptured and the juices flowed into the rice.

Needless to say, the rice in all 3 bundles of onigiri were lightly fragrant and sticky as expected from top quality Japanese rice. But be warned that you might get unlucky and snag yourself one of those with a less-balanced filling to rice ratio. But hey, for the price and convenience of Don Don Donki, you won’t find much better onigiri — handmade, no less.

Tomita Seimai
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