Yeo’s Oatly enter exciting $30m partnership and 5 cafes to get oat milk coffee to celebrate

by Evan Mua
yeo's oatly singapore oat milk coffee places

It’s official — Yeo’s and Oatly are collaborating to produce their ever-popular Oat Milk in Singapore.

This is big news for coffee and alt milk lovers in Singapore because Yeo’s will be Oatly’s first-ever Asia manufacturer. Hey, we might be a little red dot but we’re putting ourselves on the map.

yeo's oatly singapore oat milk
Photo: @oatly/instagram

Both companies invested a joint S$30 million into infrastructure but both Yeo’s and Oatly will work together closely end-to-end. Yeo’s will run and maintain the facilities while Oatly will supply the oats from Sweden.

Oatly’s oat milk will start flowing in the Singapore factory in the second half of this year. Ultimately, the Yeo’s-Oatly partnership will see Singapore pump out 60 million litres of oat milk. Hopefully, that means cheaper Oatly — fingers crossed.

yeo's oatly singapore oat milk
Photo: @oatly/instagram

If you haven’t tried Oatly yet, it has a slightly denser mouthfeel and you get some oaty notes to enliven your espresso shots. Its manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly to boot.

Some still steer clear in favour of traditional dairy, but it’s increasingly popular to meet Millennials and Gen Zs who swear by their Oatly coffee.

So here are some of the great cafes you can get a cuppa spiked with Oatly’s oat milk, in anticipation of their Yeo’s partnership.


yeo's oatly singapore oat milk coffee alchemist

Alchemist is one of the most popular specialty coffeehouses, and only recently opened a fifth outlet at The Mill. Fans of bold tasting notes would enjoy the signature Dark Matter blend’s rich chocolate-forward notes.

A touch of milk for the White Coffee (hot — S$5/8oz, S$6/12oz, cold — S$6.50) adds an enjoyable creaminess to it. If you want to spice things up, a shot of Oatly (S$1) adds an oaty finish with a dense velvety texture.

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???? 250 Orchard Rd, #03-01 Design Orchard, Singapore 238905
????️ 10am–7pm (Daily)

???? Other outlets

Parallel Coffee Roasters

yeo's oatly singapore oat milk parallel coffee roaster

Parallel is a hidden gem within the Duxton neighbourhood which serves one of the most affordable coffees in the entire CBD. Not many places can beat their quality at just S$3.90 for a cup of White.

The smooth mouthfeel, gentle acidity and nutty overtones are the perfect pairing for a shot of Oatly at just S$0.50. Their prices are already inceredible even without the Yeo’s-Oatly collab.

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???? 39 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089617
????️ 9am–10:30pm (Mon–Sat)

Glyph Supply Co.

Glyph Supply Co. is the insta-worthy hipster’s choice for coffee lovers. Minimalistic and white decor make it a delightful place to chill in the bustle of Somerset.

While they are perhaps more specialised in their curation of exquisite filter selections, their White Coffee (S$5.50) is pretty well done too. It’s a balanced and rich cuppa that complements the nuttiness of Oatly (S$1) quite well.

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???? 111 Somerset Rd, #01 – 06, Singapore 238164
????️ 8:30am–8:15pm (Daily)

Nylon Coffee Roasters

Nylon Coffee is one of the OGs of our local specialty coffee scene. Maybe Oatly wasn’t as big when they started, but Nylon has lived to see Oatly’s meteoric rise and now, their watershed Yeo’s partnership.

Nylon’s White (S$4.50/3oz, S$4.50/5oz, S$4.80/8oz) doesn’t carry the common nutty profile of most other cafes. There’s a softer balance between delicate acidity and fruity notes. A splash of Oatly (S$1) gives it a perfect layer of nuttiness to round it off.

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???? 4 Everton Park, #01-40, Singapore 080004
????️ 8:30am–4pm (Wed–Fri), 9am–4:30pm (Sat–Sun)


yeo's oatly singapore oat milk lucid

Lucid is a relative newcomer compared to the other names on the list, but they have barista cred. It’s opened by Andrea Tan, the first National Brewers’ Cup champion.

Many are drawn there for their sleek industrial vibes but fans of stronger brews would enjoy their coffee. Their Strong White (S$5) has an espresso-skewed proportion, giving it a hard-hitting depth of flavour. You can add to that with a shot of Oatly (S$0.80).

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???? 38 Hamilton Rd, Singapore 209208
????️ 11am–6pm (Mon, Wed–Fri) 10am-6pm (Sat–Sun)

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