Waker Chicken sells affordable Korean Fried Chicken starting from just $6

by Evan Mua
waker chicken toa payoh

Love Korean Fried Chicken but find it too expensive? Fret not, because Waker Chicken at Toa Payoh offers it at just as low as S$6. You can indulge in the sauce, crispy goodness without worrying about your wallet bursting — just your tummy.

Korean Fried Chicken is generally a pricey affair in Singapore. Just a handful of chicken wings can cost you more than S$10. We love it but the price stops us from enjoying it as much as we would like.

That’s why Waker Chicken is so popular and draws constant crowds to their stall. S$6 for 4 pieces of chicken tenders generously doused in that sweet sweet sauce? Yes, please.

waker chicken toa payoh
Photo: @marktjlu/instagram

If this is your first time hearing about it, Waker Chicken is a hawker stall located in a coffee shop at Lor 1 Toa Payoh.

For those living in the North East, check out Basasak Chicken, which used to be another Waker Chicken before rebranding in 2018.

waker chicken toa payoh
Photo: @wakerchicken.sg/instagram

Besides being affordable, many of their fans love them for being “authentic”. So now you can imagine yourself in Korea and destroying piece after piece of Korean Fried Chicken while your oppa watches on from inside your laptop screen.

You can take your pick from their four different types of Korean Fried Chicken — Original Crispy, Sweet Spicy, Soy Sauce, and Honey Butter.

Waker Chicken offers their chicken in a Rice Set with 3 pieces of chicken tenders for just SS$5.50. Alternatively, if you want to skip carbs then get 4 pieces of Tenders/Fillets for S$6 or 8 pieces for S$11.

Photo: @delee_cious/instagram

Their original crispy chicken is a simple deep fried variation that isn’t coated in any sauce. But it’s also cheaper when you buy bigger portions, at just S$13 for half chicken and S$25 for whole chicken.

The other three flavours are all pirced at S$14 for half chicken and S$27 for a whole chicken.

For classic flavours, you can opt for their Soy Sauce or Sweet Spicy variations. Both are topped with sesame seeds and generously coated with their respective sauces.

Photo: @wakerchicken.sg/instagram

However, if we’re talking eye-candy then the Honey Butter has got to be the most strikingly plated dish at Waker Chicken.

Korean fried chicken covered in a soft layer of honey butter powder? Sure to give you the same sweet feeling as staring at Jungkook’s photo for the 6 millionth time.

waker chicken toa payoh
Photo: @chubbzles/instagram

Korean Fried Chicken isn’t the only thing on Waker Chicken’s menu though. You can find classic Korean fare like Jja Jang Mun (S$7) and Army Stew (S$18) at wallet-friendly prices compared to typical restaurants.

So, if you’re looking for a wallet-friendly place to satisfy your Korean Fried Chicken cravings, Waker Chicken is the hidden gem you never knew you needed. Go forth, my Korean-obsessed bethren and get a taste of the sweet sweet chicken, at just S$6.

Waker Chicken
???? 125 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310125
????️ 12pm–9pm (Wed–Mon), lunch break 3pm–4:30pm

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