Popular halal eatery ENAK brings back BBQ mookata with premium meats like Japanese A5 wagyu steak, lamb ribs and even halal wine

by Christabel Tan

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Do you always find yourself looking for the best and most reasonably priced halal mookata spots in Singapore? If you’ve never tried BBQ mookata at ENAK along Arab Street, now’s the time.

enak bbq mookata
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The popular Muslim-owned eatery is best known for its nasi lemak, mee rebus, massive nasi ambeng platters, and of course, BBQ Mookata, which was (shockingly) taken off the menu in mid-2022.

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Fortunately, ENAK has collaborated with speciality halal deli and butcher shop A Company of Butchers to bring back the long-awaited mookata, which was finally launched on 7 January 2023.

Photo: @enakfoodsg/instagram

The concept is pretty much the same — those dining in pairs can opt for the Two Pax Set Menu (S$40), while larger groups may prefer to pick and choose from the a la carte selection.

You’ve got the usual vegetables (from S$2) and staples (rice, noodles, and eggs, from S$1), alongside meats (from S$4) like chicken, beef, and lamb with either teriyaki or black pepper sauce; seafood (from S$3) like tiger prawns, salmon fillet, and baby squid; and bites (from S$2) like cheese tofu, tom yum fish cake, and crab stick.

enak bbq mookata
Photo: @enakfoodsg/instagram

Choose between the Clear (S$1.50) or Tom Yum (S$3) soup base, and you’re good to get grilling!

Do note that a minimum of 10 items per hot plate set (excluding the soup base) must be ordered, but that shouldn’t pose an issue for anyone.

Photo: ENAK/facebook

If you’re feelin’ a little fancier than usual, you can also add on premium meats like Lamb Ribs (S$36), Australian Wagyu 200gm Steak (S$28), and Japanese A5 Wagyu in both Steak (S$70) and Shabu Shabu (S$35) form, alongside non-alcoholic red or white wine (S$35) from Spain. Cheers to that!

Photo: @acompanyofbutchers/instagram

BBQ mookata at ENAK is only available at dinnertime (6pm onwards) from Thursdays to Saturdays, but there’s still plenty of time to grill up a storm.

Reservations can be made via Whatsapp at +65 8788 1887.

ENAK x A Company of Butchers
Facebook | Instagram
???? 47 Arab St, Singapore 199744
???? 6pm–10pm (Thu to Sat), BBQ Mookata unavailable from Sun to Wed

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