EZ-Link’s new in-app game lets you earn cashback easily from all your transit rides for a limited time only

by Marcus Leong

For most of us, taking public transport is probably the most common way for us to get around in Singapore. One of my biggest fears is tapping my card and realising that it is out of money. Thankfully, my anxieties have been stripped away thanks to the EZ-Link app. What’s even better now is you can earn cashback from all your transit rides from now until 16 June 2023 with EZ-Link’s new in-app game!

EZ Link Lucky Bounce
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The new EZ-Link Lucky Bounce game lets you earn instant cashback from all your transit rides. To take part in the game, you’ll first need to have a SimplyGo EZ-Link card and pair it with your EZ-Link app. If you don’t know if your EZ-Link card is a SimplyGo EZ-Link card, you can always check on the EZ-Link app conveniently. SimplyGo EZ-Link cards are reflected with a light-blue colour along with the words ‘Simply Go’ at the bottom.

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For those who don’t have a SimplyGo EZ-Link card, you can always get one from any TransitLink office, or you can upgrade your existing card or charm to a SimplyGo card. Upon your first log-in, you’ll be given two free chances, and you can earn one chance with every S$2 spent on transit rides. Now’s your chance to get rewarded when you take public transport. 

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If you refer a friend to play the game, both you and your friend can earn one chance too — good things must share, so make sure you jio them to play this game with you! Each time you play the game, you’ll stand a chance to win up to S$5 in cashback rewards — that’s almost the cost of one full day of transit rides! Let’s hope lady luck is on your side. 

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The cashback rewards will be credited back to your most recently used SimplyGo EZ-Link card which you can use to offset your future transit rides or even shop at selected retail merchants. Some of these merchants include Gong Cha, HeyTea, Huggs Coffee, Old Chang Kee, and more. Yes, you can use your EZ-Link card to pay for retail items too.

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SimplyGo EZ-Link Lucky Bounce game will be available in the app from now until 16 June 2023, so make sure you take as many train and bus rides to score yourself as many tickets to win the cashback rewards. Trust us, the game might be simple but it is oddly addictive and you’ll need lady luck to be on your side. Happy bouncing! 

Want to win some cashback rewards from your transit rides? 

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