Free travel in Japan is almost back with travel restrictions to be removed soon

by Dawn Pillay
free travel in japan

Has the day finally come? After months of anticipation (actually years since we’ve been waiting since the dreaded days of 2020), it seems like Japan might just be about to open its doors to free travel in Japan soon!

What this means is that Japan is planning to allow more travellers into the country and there might no longer be any travel restrictions such as having to book a trip to Japan via a tour agency or having to worry about the daily arrival cap.

free travel in japan
Photos: @visitjapansg/instagram and Mifuneyama Rakuen

If you’ve been following the local news in Japan, Nikkei Asia released a report that travel restrictions such as the daily arrival cap and more might be removed as early as October, and Japan’s Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara shared that the government is planning to review restrictions and make these changes soon. 

The Fuji News Network also reported that travellers might be able to visit Japan without making bookings via travel agencies and tourist visa requirements for some countries might be waived too.

Photos: @visitjapansg/instagram

From borders finally opening in May 2022, to Scoot offering daily flights from Singapore to Japan in June 2022, and Japan allowing non-escorted tours as well as increasing its daily arrival limit to 50,000 visitors only recently in early September 2022… 

It’s safe to say that after waiting it out through rounds of amendments to the travel restrictions – we can finally look forward to planning a trip to Japan on our own time and itineraries without having to worry about previous travel restrictions within the country thanks to the COVID-19 situation.

free travel in japan
Photos: @visitjapansg/instagram

So if you’re thinking about making your way down to visit Ghibli Park when it opens later this year, or eagerly looking forward to Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo opening next year, it looks like our free travel to Japan dreams will be able to come true sooner rather than later!

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