Scoot is now offering direct flights from Singapore to Japan from S$263 so you can easily travel to Tokyo & Osaka


Tried and tested, we can now easily book direct flights to Tokyo via Scoot from August onwards! Instead of wasting time on transit and stopping over in Taiwan or Bangkok, direct flights are now available with Singapore Airlines’ low-cost carrier from an affordable S$263. Similarly, direct flights from Singapore to Osaka will be available come September.

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With travel to Japan now open to travellers from Singapore (and affordable flights to Korea), 2022 is shaping up to be a great year for travel since borders have fully reopened.

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And while individual travellers are still not allowed in Japan, and only travellers that are part of a packaged tour group are allowed… 

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Our hopes are high that as the year progresses (*fingers-crossed, by August!), the Japanese government will ease restrictions further and hopefully allow individual travel soon.

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But until then, we’re still celebrating the fact that we can finally travel to Japan, and with these affordable and convenient flight options, heading back to the Land of the Rising Sun will be a breeze.

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Instead of sadly exploring Japan virtually via Japan Hour on CNA, watching Youtubers happily share the latest Japanese attractions, or even watching anime characters dig into that delicious-looking bowl of ramen (*ahem*, Naruto) and feeling like we’re utterly missing out…

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We can finally travel down to one of our favourite countries in person and eat all the ramen, yakiniku and other truly authentic Japanese food to our hearts’ content. All we need to do is check our schedule, look at the flight options, and make that booking.

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And of course, if travel restrictions have not further opened up by the time you fly, do check for the best tour packages around Japan so you can fully enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

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