This hidden cafe in the east is the first in Singapore to serve the viral Roffle with toppings like fish, lamb and beef

by Marcus Leong

Remember there was a period of time where everyone was turning different foods into waffles? Think: croffle (croissant and waffles), and even ang ku kueh waffles. 

Well, there’s a new viral food trend going around and it’s called ‘Roffle’ — a fusion of rosti and waffle. Can Rosti waffle? Well, this cosy cafe has the answer. 


GDMC x SEAL Cafe in Ubi is the first cafe in Singapore to offer the very unique Roffle. I’ve had plenty of rostis in my lifetime but nothing quite like this one. As a self-proclaimed rosti lover, of course I had to give it a go. 

For those who don’t know what rosti is, it’s essentially shredded potato that is fried to a crispy golden brown — like a crispy potato pancake of sorts.

 However, GDMC x SEAL does their rostis a little differently. They’re cooked using a waffle maker to give it the waffle shape and served burger style with your choice of fish, chicken, beef or lamb patty sandwiched between two crispy roffles. 

Photo by Confirm Good

I’ve always paired my rosti with meat like steaks, sausages, smoked salmon or grilled chicken. But when I saw that there was a fish roffle, I knew I had to try it. The Fish Roffle (S$10.80) was really unique. The fish was super soft and complemented the crispy rosti well. 

However, the fish tasted a little bland to me and I would have preferred if they used a fried fish cutlet instead. Thankfully, the sour cream and cheese helped to make this dish a little bit more flavourful. 

Photo by Confirm Good

The Beef Roffle (S$12.80) comprises a beef patty, sour cream, cheese, and scrambled eggs sandwiched between two roffles. It kinda reminded me of the pasar malam beef Ramly  burger. It was savoury, juicy with a slight tanginess from the sour cream. 

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Other flavours include the classic Chicken Roffle (S$10.80), and for those who love a good lamb patty there’s a Lamb Roffle (S$12.80) that might be perfect for you. Pro tip: make sure to stand by some tissue and wet wipes as the Roffle are really yummy but a little messy. 

You can also skip the mess and go for the regular Rosti Dinner, which is rosti paired with your choice of chicken (S$11.80), fish (S$11.80), lamb (S$13.80) and steakof course I had to get the Steak Dinner (S$13.80). Each comes with a side of coleslaw and a waffle. 

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The Steak Dinner comprises a generous steak drenched in a delicious steak sauce — kinda like the ones you’d find at your neighbourhood coffee shop western food stall. I would have preferred my steak to be medium rare instead of well done, but on the bright side, at least it was still tender and juicy. 

I recommend getting a bit of everything – rosti, coleslaw, and meat — in one bite. You’ll get a medley of sweet, savoury, and creamy flavours that is oh so delicious. 

The cafe also has a selection of coffees and teas for you to pair with your roffles. The cold brew teas are not sweet on their own as they have no added sugar in them but I’m not complaining because it really helps to wash down the greasiness. 

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I love that the teas were very fragrant, especially the Summer Mango cold brew (S$6.80) which had a nice mix of sweet mango and floral aroma. Oh and before we forget, you get the chance to seal your own drink too. 

The Melon Oolong cold brew (S$6.80) was a unique combination and equally fragrant. Flavour-wise, the oolong tea flavours are a little bit more pronounced here so if you’re not a fan of tea (but only love to spill tea) then you should go for the summer mango or the Green Tea Lychee (S$6.80)

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GDMC x SEAL Cafe is located just five-minutes walk away from Ubi MRT station, so if you’re ever in the area looking for something hearty to eat, make sure to check them out!

 They also have soft serve ice cream and waffles, as well as shakes for you to end your meal on a sweet note. 

Would you be interested in trying these viral Roffles? 

📍 71 Ubi Crescent, Excalibur Centre #01-01, Singapore 408571 
🕜 9am—11pm (Daily)

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Photo by Marcus Leong

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